Friday, May 15, 2009


Whew...what a week. I am sure glad that today is Friday. I am ready for the weekend! Mom and Tim are coming into town this weekend to visit. I am pretending like they are coming to see me, but in is Miss Bee that they are chomping at the bit to see. It is OK though, I will just lounge around here in delusion land. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I will see you folks on Monday! Just for is a 5 on Friday for ya!

  1. Kevin is working late on Saturday. I hate it, Rory hates it, Nellie hates it, Ruby could care less. Since Kev isn't off on Sundays any longer, it makes what little time we have together even shorter since he sleeps in on Sunday, we go to church, grab a quick bite to eat and then he starts getting ready and leaves for work. YUCK
  2. Rory has almost grown too long for the pack-n-play. Who gave her permission to grow sure wasn't me! My tiny girl is getting big...good thing she is also getting even cuter or I might have to make her wear a brick on her head to attempt to slow her down.
  3. I am really worried about a good friend of mine. REALLY worried...say a little prayer.
  4. How is it that ALL the big bills come due in one month? Quarterly student loan, car insurance and 3 car tags--all in May, SO not fair!
  5. Rory has decided that Rice cereal bites and she would just rather have baby food. She will eat oatmeal, but only if you trick her and put it on the back of the spoon and the baby food on the front. Smart cookie!


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