Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want you to know

I started this list a while ago, and on the eve of Thanksgiving, I thought now was an appropriate time to post it.  I have thought a lot about what I want to teach Rory and what I want her to know, so I started making a list.  This sort of thing, comes with the parent territory I think.  It is a difficult balance of being over protective, and sheltering her too much, and being protective enough, only letting her test her wings enough for the lesson.

I want you to know:

  • You were loved before you were even a thought
  • What it feels like to get your heart broken
  • What it feels like to find that perfect someone
  • Not everyone is your friend
  • How to be a best friend to someone else
  • No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone
  • If someone is truly your friend, they won’t abandon you for someone or something else
  • There is no substitute for hard work
  • You should never be afraid to love someone
  • How to stand up for yourself and not be a door mat
  • Where you come from and where you are going
  • ‘Smart’ is something that you have to work hard to be
  • What it feels like to struggle to accomplish something and how it feels to finally complete your task
  • That that little voice inside of you shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Never outsmart your own common sense
  • God loves you, even more than Daddy and I do
  • You are worth it
  • You can do anything that you put your mind to
  • Life isn’t easy, but it is worth living
  • How to pray with out ceasing
  • When you hit the bottom, hit your knees and look up
  • It is OK to ask for help
  • You are your own worst critic
  • It doesn’t matter what anyone says behind your back
  • Never neglect your friends and family for some guy
  • Live your life with integrity
  • There are people out there who do not have your best interest at heart.
  • Never be afraid to rid your life of toxic relationships, toxic situations, toxic attitudes and toxic people
  • Abuse doesn’t have to be physical
  • How difficult it is to see a good friend in a bad situation
  • The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ
  • God created you with 2 ears and 1 mouth so that you will listen twice as much as you talk
  • It is OK to cry
  • Daddy and I will always be there for you
  • To put in the hard work now, to reap the rewards later
  • The feeling of waking up at 3:00am and peeking under the Christmas tree to see what Santa brought you and then going back and laying in the bed so excited, that you can’t fall back asleep
  • How to love someone or something enough to let it go
  • What it feels like to be overwhelmed with happiness
  • The weight of a college degree in your hand, a result of endless nights and days of hard work
  • How to change your own tire, even in 2" heels
  • You are my greatest accomplishment.

Friday, November 19, 2010

This makes me sick!

Seriously, if these idiot parents actually get to the point of having this precious baby, he should be taken away, at birth!


Seriously, there are people who struggle to have their own children, or who are waiting desperately for someone to pick them so that they can be a parent to an adopted baby, and there are these idiots.

I am going to be sick!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Orleans

 We spent 3 days in New Orleans for the wedding of my best friend Allison.  It was A LOT of fun!  These pics are a bit out of order, but you get the idea.

 This is the sign for the "Faulkner House" It is the building that William Faulkner wrote his first novel.  It was located right around the corner from our hotel.
 Jackson Square.
Rory after a LONG car ride.
 We were trying to convince her to throw her penny in the fountain...she was not so sure it was a good idea.  She did finally do it...just took a few minutes to convince her.
 The statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square.
 One of the many courtyards.  There were SO many that were beautiful. 

 Rory at the rehearsal dinner.  I didn't get a lot of her that night because it was SO crowded. 
 Since I was in the wedding, I didn't get any pics of the ceremony.  It was lovely though.  After the ceremony, everyone did a 2nd line through the French Quarter (8 blocks down, 8 blocks back) while the space was flipped to the reception.  It was a wonderful time.  Allison looked beautiful.  Rory slept through the ceremony and a part of the reception.
 Family picture.
 Someone was a bit nosy.
 Mr. and Mrs. Hampton

 Rory and Aunt Allison.

 One of Emeril's restaurants.

 Brad and Angelin@'s house.  Our carriage driver said that he sees Brad occasionally, but he hasn't ever run into her.

 The 2nd night that we were there, we got to stay in the owner's suite.  It had a corner wrap around balcony that overlooked Bourbon Street.  It was AWESOME!
 Behind the Church on Jackson Square, looking at Pirate Alley.
 More Jackson Square and the Church.
 Pirate Alley
 Rory and Daddy, getting ready to leave to come home.
I might have to do another N.O. post, but I am pretty wiped out.  It was a lot of fun, we enjoyed getting away for the weekend and Rory was so good.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

Better late than never right??

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