Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas, Snow and Sleepy baby.

 Get ready...this is going to be a LOT of pictures.  Rory's main present from Santa this year was her kitchen.  Her stocking was full of play food, big girl underwear, and tissues (which she is currently obsessed with).

 Kev trying to let her wake up enough to see her presents from the Man-in-Red
The look on her face is funny..."Where the heck did THAT come from?"
 It didn't take her long to figure out the whole opening presents thing.
 Someone found that the kitchen was already stocked with play food.
 A "Roll-da-pen"

 Thanks Aunt Jenni, Uncle Chris, Davis and Brock for the apron set!
Daddy was a good sport. 
 We played in the snow twice.  The first time, it was really wet, and slushie, so the bottom of her overalls got soaked.  She had a good time though, that is all that matters.
 Unlike last year, when she would look at her mittens on her hands and cry...this year she was OBSESSED with them.  She kept asking for her mipmens...pretty cute!

 Snow, round two.  It was that good, powder snow. 
 We broke out the tricycle and let her ride it in the snow.  She thought that was pretty neat.

 Rory liked looking at the snow flakes on the ground.
 This one is for Lovie and Gee...this is tonight, she took her baby to bed with her and when I went in to check on her, she had cuddled up to her in the corner.  Now, if we can just get her to name the baby steps I guess.
Kevin got me a Pandora bracelet with 7 slides.  Rory and I got him a Lambskin leather jacket.  It was a great Christmas for all of us!  We are so blessed!


I haven't forgotten about the ole' blog.  I will be back with pics of Christmas and snow soon.   I have been busy enjoying my family and friends and cooking, cooking, cooking with Rory!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card Out takes.

So, I mailed Christmas cards today.  They turned out pretty cute!  Here are few of the out takes.

 "The Constipate"
 I actually really did like this one, I just decided that I wanted one where you could see her face.
 " take a pit-ture?  Cheeeeese-buguh"
 There are a lot of variations on this look.  A LOT.
 Sometimes getting her to behave long enough for a good picture is a bit like nailing Jello to a tree.  Difficult at best!
 Again, I liked this one but wanted one of her face...smiling if possible.
 Again...I have no idea what she was doing.   Charades? Stinky diaper? Who knows.

Christmas Miracle

Many of you might remember Kellie Parker from highschool.  She and her husband, Dustin, have a beautiful baby girl named Ella.  Through a series of events over the past 6-8 months, they have found themselves in Children's hospital with their infant daughter, Ella, getting a bone marrow transplant. 

Ella has done really well with the process up until the past 36 hours and now, well it is not so great!  Please, go to Ella's website and read the back story and then say a prayer, or 20, for this sweet family.  This is such a scary time for Kellie and Dustin and I know that they treasure every prayer uttered for their sweet Ella. 

Dear God,
Hold Ella in the palm of your hand.  Station your angels at the four corners of her room and spread their healing wings of protection over her.  Lord, hold Dustin and Kellie close to you and give them comfort and peace in such a scary and frightening time.  Lord, heal little Ella's liver and help all of her numbers respond to normal levels. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


YAY!  It is Friday.  This week has been WILD! 

  1. Rory came down with the Flu on Sunday afternoon.  We took her to the 'doc-in-a-box' on Sunday night and she tested positive for Flu type B.  One prescription of Tamiflu for her, 1 each for Kevin and I and we were on our way.
  2. I finally created and ordered our Christmas Cards last night.  I had intentions of taking R's picture on Sunday and ordering them Sunday night, but...see #1.  I will get them mailed to you guys as soon as they come in!
  3. Our sitter's little brother came down with the flu on Monday so she has not kept Rory all week.  Rory misses 'Nanna' like crazy however, she has gotten to spend time with Bebe (Kev's Mom) and Gee (Tim) this week, so all 3 of them are happy about that.
  4. There is not much more pitiful than a baby with the flu.  She felt HORRIBLE, and I felt terrible that she was sick on her birthday.
  5. Christmas is coming up.  I only have some books left to buy for my nieces and nephews on my Mom's side, and then I am DONE (except stocking stuffers for Kev)
  6. We are almost in 2011.  Whew, that was fast!
  7. No Gymboree this week, I haven't told Rory yet.
  8. I am hoping to get Rory to the mall to see Santa this weekend.  We will see, we might just skip it this year!
  9. Coming up with 10 is difficult today.
  10. Rory is all about our 'Smiss-miss tree' and takes it upon herself to arrange and rearrange the ornaments on the bottom half.  Sometimes, some of her toys even make it on to the tree.  Most of the time, she clumps them all into one small space, I distribute them back out, but they always wind up clumped up again.  I have given up.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stream of Consciousness


I have taken a day or 2 to really absorb your little self and think about your 2nd birthday. I cannot believe that you are two. You are so very precious to your Daddy and me. I know that I have said it before, but you are such a blessing, more than I can ever express to you in words. The whole day of your birthday, Daddy and I would look at each other and say "at this time two years ago we were....".
I can still remember every detail of that day. I remember that right after you were born, you let out the biggest cry and Daddy and I looked at each other with our eyes as big as saucers. Here you were, all 6 pounds, 1 ounce of you...and you were TICKED! They took you over to clean you off and I told Daddy to go with you. You were not happy with the scrubbing and being messed with. That is until they wrapped your little squirmy body up and took you over to the sink to wash your hair. You immediately got quiet, tilted your head back and completely relaxed and just soaked in a little spa time...we still laugh about that. I remember when they gave you to me, you were whimpering a bit, but you looked up at me and immediately got quiet. Daddy and I just stared at you and loved on you and prayed over you and thanked God for the gift that you were.

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined how wonderful our lives had become. In an instant, there you were, and our whole lives had changed. I remember that we had planned to send you to the nursery at nights, so that we could get some sleep. Once you were born though, we just couldn't do it, we kept you with us the whole time, we just wanted to look at you and hear you grunt, even if it meant that we didn't get any sleep.

My precious tiny girl, you are my most impossible dreams come true. I never could have fathomed how rich our life would become with you in it. You, Rory Meredith, made us a family. You never cease to amaze me. I could watch you all day long. You are so sweet and precocious and undeniably smart. I have loved being your Mommy and watching you grow and discover. Recently, you and I have been having little conversations. You are so perceptive and nurturing, even at only 2. You get so upset when you think that someone is unhappy. I don't think that I will ever tire of those chubby little arms around my neck or the little kisses with your sweet little bowed up mouth.

I still find myself sneaking into your bedroom after you have fallen asleep and staring at you. I still find myself praying over your bed and thanking God for every second, of every hour, of every day that he has blessed us with. I still find myself placing my hand on your back and feeling that steady rise and fall of your breath as you slumber. I still find myself scooping your sleeping body out of your crib and cuddling you close to my heart just so that I can look at you. I still find myself whispering in your little ear that I love you and I am so proud to be your Mommy and praying over you. I still find myself sitting on the twin bed in your room and rocking, back and forth...back and forth, and just absorbing my time with you, all snuggled up warm, in my arms. I still find myself, amazed at you.

Again, this year, I looked around at your birthday party and marveled at the number of people who were sitting there celebrating with us. You have such a wonderful group of people around you, and we have such wonderful friends and family. Those people sitting in our house this past Saturday were there, not because they had to be, but because they wanted to be. They all love us; you, Daddy and I; and that is what it is all about my darling girl. Love...and lots of it.

Rory, always know that Daddy and I love you and we will support you in whatever you do. Always know that we will do everything within our power to give you the tools to help you grow, learn and flourish. I can't wait to embark on our 3rd year together...just do me a favor and slow down on this growing thing...Mommy's heart can't take it all so fast!
All my love,

Sunday, December 12, 2010


 It is official, we have a 2 year old.  The party was A LOT of fun.  I don't have editing sofware on the new laptop, so these are not that great, but you get the point.

Instead of doing just plain old cupcakes, and since ice cream was a little crazy in the middle of the winter.  I decided to make cupcakes in ice cream cones and then ice them to look like ice cream.  They turned out really cute, and were pretty good.

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks and the dum-dum and gumdrop trees.
 The tablescape.  I decided to instead of doing 'favors', we would do a little sweet bar, and let the kiddos take stuff home with them.  It worked pretty well and seemed to be a big hit with the kiddos.
 The marshmellow and peppermint topairy.  These turned out REALLY cute, and really weren't that hard, just a bit time cosuming!
 Kev wanted her to have a donut cake from a homemade donut shop in our town.  It turned out cute and was incredibly good!
 Rory's apron. 
 Before everyone got there and the party got started really well.  Sarah Grace and Victoria were there, and went to Gymboree with her that morning.  Once everyone got there, they (along with Charlie) hung out in the know, they are cool teenagers now.  Although, I hear that they were sad the whole way home because they missed us and wanted to stay (I did too...for the record, I don't care if they are 15...they are still MY girls.)
 The McClanahans.  Aubrey was so cute and had such a good time playing. 
 The 2 year old.  She did really well with everyone in her house.  She had just woken up from a nap and I went and got her dressed and when we came out of her room, she was a bit over whelmed, she warmed up pretty quick though and had a good time.
 Rory, Mia and Maci...and Woody.  She didn't know what to do with the candle, Mia and Maci blew it out for her.

 Look at Brock and Rory.  They were sitting there and just put their arms around each other.  It was pretty cute.  They really do love each other.  When Brock got there, I was getting Rory dressed, he was looking all over the house for her.  He is so protective of her.
 Aubrey and Maci, partaking in a 'spot of tea'.
 The girls and their tea pots and Belle. (Thanks Candi, Wes and Aubrey...she took her to bed and is currently napping with her.)
 Trying on her dress up garb from Jason, Stacey and Brook.
To think that this day, 2 years ago, we were 20 minutes from meeting Rory.  Now, here we are, 2 years later and we just can't believe what a joy she is.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl, happy birthday.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 days - 10 on Wednesday

  1. In 4 days, I will have a 2 year old.!
  2. I am reading George Bush's Decision Points.  So far, it is very interesting and I really like it.  It is really interesting insight into the mind of the President.  The thing I like the best, is that it really shows his spiritual heart and how he really tried to stay true to what he knew was right.
  3. Christmas plans are shaping up.  My Dad's family is coming down the Sunday after Christmas to spend the day with us and we are going to exchange gifts with them and have the 'ole traditional pasta Sunday dinner.  I am really excited.  It is going to be fun for them to get to experience Rory in her element, comfortable, at home.
  4. Rory's party is shaping up for Saturday.  I have NO idea how many people are coming, so if you are reading this, and are planning to be there, please let me know!
  5. Rory is going to have some special visitors for Gymboree on Saturday.  Tim is taking her and Sarah Grace and Victoria are going to do Gymboree with her.  The goal is to WEAR HER OUT, so that she will sleep and then be in a good mood for her party.
  6. I have been contemplating getting my PhD...don't know what in, or when I will have the time to do it, but have been thinking about it non the less.
  7. Frustrated on the career front, maybe that explains #6.
  8. I sure do miss my Allison.  After seeing her and DJ for the wedding, it drove it home even more.  Check out her photographer's blog for a sneak peak at the wedding pics.  Their engagement photos are also on the blog too, a post or 2 previous.
  9. We have been serenaded with "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Fun to Ride, HEY!" over and over and over again this week.  It is pretty cute though.
  10. Every night, right before I take Rory to put her in the bed, I ask her if she wants to say her prayers.  She will put her little hands together and I usually say them and then she chimes in with an Amen at the end.  Last night, I decided that I would ask her to say them, not knowing if she would actually do it.  Sometimes, I wonder if she is really retaining any of this stuff that I am throwing at her.  They sounded like this: "Now I lay me, down-a sleep, pway the Loahd, soul a keep, angels gar me, bwess Mommy, Daddy, Rory, AAAAmen."  Not bad, pretty close to the real thing.  I guess that constant reciting them, every night, has sunk in.  (PS: On a side note, it was so cute, I wanted to squeeze her until her eye balls popped out...just for the record)

Monday, December 6, 2010

T Minus 6 Days

Ok, so we had both an uneventful, and eventful weekend, depending on your vantage point. Thursday and Friday, I had some type of stomach issue going on.  It was awful, I took a half day off work on Friday and slept while the babysitter entertained Rory. 

Saturday night, 11:30p, Rory is fussing in her crib.  Kevin goes and gets her and brings her to the living room.  I tried to take her from him, she refuses and then proceeds to puke all over Kevin, NOW she wants Mommy, I take her, she pukes all over me.  It was pittiful, she kept crying and saying "I OK, I OK, I be aw-write" "Mommy got-chu." SHe and I 'slept' on the couch the rest of the night ('slept' being a very loose interpretation of what I was doing.)  Yesterday, Rory acted fine, but had a bit of a fever and rash on her tummy.  Thankfully, no more puking.  I think the fever broke last night, but we still have a bit of a rash and her appetitie isn't 100% yet. 

Fear not, potential party goers, our house is disinfected and will be stomach-bug-germ free for the party this weekend.

On a lighter, and funny, note.  On Friday, I was unloading the dishwasher and trying to keep Rory out of the way so I kept asking her where her juice was so that she would go look for it, thereby keeping her away from the dishwasher.  Here is the conversation:

Me: Rory, where is your juice?
R: Let's go find it
Me: Ok, you go look and see
(Rory runs off)

*1 minute later - she is back

Me: Rory, where is your juice?
R: I don't know.
Me: Go find it please.
R: I go find it.
(Rory runs off)

*1 minute later - back again

Me: Rory, where is your juice?
R: (With a look like I am an idiot for even asking)
Mommy, I don't stop talkabout it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday - Cell Phone Video

Happy Birthday tuuu yuuuuu....

(Pardon the quality, it is a cell phone video, in a moving car)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let the count down begin

OK, so I am having invitation issues, so they are going to be a little later arriving this year than last year, BUT...we are having the party on 12/11 at 2:00p, so if you came last year...we hope to see you again this year!

In 12 days, my baby will be 2.  Wow...I can hardly believe it!  Life with her just can't get any better!

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