Friday, May 22, 2009

5 on Friday - The never ever edition.

For your Friday enjoyment...and just for are 5 things that you will NEVER spot in Miss Bee's wardrobe. Nothing against anyone who does like this stuff....just not my style!

  1. Rufflie Socks
2. Elastic Lace Headbands...No head garters!!!! The words "Stretch" and "Lace" should never, ever be associated. 3. "Little Dolly" dresses - aka W@L-Mart lace dresses...Make my skin crawl.
4. Camo infant attire
5. Patent Leather shoes. Although I would have mauled someone on the playground for a pair when I was a little girl...I am glad that I was never granted my request. The only exception to this rule is Tap Shoes...the only patent that will ever cross the door jam.
There ya go...a random 5 on Friday!


Mandy said...

Lauren, I'm with you on everything but the shoes. I agree mostly, but we do have some patent flip flops that are cute. Mary janes? No ma'am. Flip flops? well, ok.

That dress up there, I don't even have words for!

Lauren said...

I haven't ever seen flip flops...I might be able to handle them...maybe, depending on the flip flop I guess.

Candi said...

I agree with all except the shoes too. I guess I'm different but I love Mary Janes lol. Yeah those lacy dresses give me the heebee jeebees mom however loves them...let's just hope if this baby is a girl then she just can't find any of them...I don't see them out very much anyway. Thankfully she didn't save any of the ones from when I was a little..the only worse thing than a lacy dress is a lacy dress from the early 80's! Oh the horror!

Lauren said...

I like Mary Janes too...just not patent leather Mary Janes.

Roz said...

LOL! I just knew that you were somewhere smocking some camo material as I type. hehehe Just kidding. I'm with you on all, but I admit we own a pair of the shoes. ::sigh:: they went with a velvet topped winter dress... Just realized that the whole outfit sounds unappealing. ;-)

Anywho, Miss B is so ridiculously adorable and has the best expressions. Can't wait to meet her. Oh and thanks for telling me where that quote was from. I still think that you're unbelievably cultured. ;-)

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