Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekend Plans

Mom and Tim are coming down this weekend and we are going to paint Miss Bee's room and repaint my baby dresser and chest of drawers to coordinate with her furniture. (I might even put her crib together!). It occurred to me that I never put up a picture of her bedding. It is very simple and classic, I LOVE it!That is it for today. Happy Hump day all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Opinions Needed

Hello all, I have been reading more and more about the vaccine debate. As recently as today in THIS, THIS and THIS article. I have always planned on getting vaccines for my children but I keep reading stuff about how it is risky and bad and harmful. I was vaccinated as a child with all the usual vaccines (I didn't have the chicken pox vaccine and got the hep B series before I went to college) and I turned out fine. I feel like if the vaccines can keep my child (or at least lower the risk to near nothing) from getting a horrible disease that could cause death, then I would be a fool not to do them. I mean, isn't it my responsibility as a parent to try to KEEP my children from harm? Is is right for me to depend on everyone else to vaccinate in order for my child to be protected? What if there are a high number of kids that Rory plays with that aren't vaccinated, because of that logic, then there is no longer the "herd immunity." If the minority (non-vaccine) begins to become the majority, then not vaccinating puts her at higher risk than vaccinating would have in the beginning. Anyway, circular argument I guess, I was just wondering what you guys thought. What are your thoughts on the vaccine debate?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Candi has tagged me to do this meme! I must reveal six unspectacular quirks about myself and challenge other bloggers to do the same.
  • The rules are:
  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. Mention the rules.
  3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
  4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
  5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

OK, So here are my 6.

  1. I too have a very strict night time (and morning routine). Turn on water, brush teeth, wash face. Never changes, never varies!
  2. I eat sour cream on my chicken fingers and french fries.
  3. I iron and starch all of our sheets (some of you already know this)
  4. I can't stand open shower curtains...they MUST be closed.
  5. I am distant relative of W'lliam Faulkner
  6. My great grandfather (on my Dad's side) was a shoe maker in Boston. Explains my shoe obsession doesn't it?
So I am tagging (some of you have already been tagged, but if you haven't done it, I am tagging you again):

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spoiled Girl

My Mom had my baby pearls restrung and gave them to me (along with my dress pins, bracelet and baby ring). They were not in the greatest shape after going through me as a child...imagine that right? Also, I ordered these shoes like 3 weeks ago and they just came in today. I bought 0-3 months however, I don't think that she will be able to wear them until she is about 2 months old..unless she has monster feet. We will see though! That is it for the night! Ciao!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 on Tuesday (the Wednesday Edition)

No pictures today, sorry!

  1. Kevin, on his off day on Monday, went and got 1 ton of river rocks and shoveled them, ALL BY HIMSELF, into our flower beds....I think that he loves me!
  2. Mom's wedding was great. We had a good time!
  3. My MIL is throwing a taste of home party on Saturday. Feel free to check out her website and let me know if you want anything!
  4. We are keeping Mom's dog, Gabby the mini schnauzer, while they are at the beach. Nellie is enjoying the extra playmate, Ruby...not so much.
  5. OK, who's idea was it to move Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to next summer. I mean, good grief...I was really excited that it was FINALLY coming up and was counting on it to scare me into labor (hey, a girl can dream right?).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

War Tide

Dear Rory, Just in time for football season, these are your pick. FYI, Mommy says "Roll Tide" and I AM the one toting you around currently.

UPDATE: you Auburn people are KILLING me here!!!! WHERE ARE MY ROLL TIDERS?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10 (+3 Pictures) on Tuesday

1. It is official, I graduated and I have the degree to prove it! YAY!!!!!! 2. This is a picture of our new loveseat. It is not the greatest photo, but you get the idea 3. These next 2 are of Miss. Rory. The first one is of her face (on the Left) she has her hands together, palms together and underneath her head. She stayed like this a lot! This next one is one of the "money shots" it is kinda hard to see. Like I said, she was being shy and so we don't have a really good shot of it, but the two little lines towards the center (looks like an = sign) are her girlie parts. 4. Next is water temp monitor that her Daddy bought is a Police really, how do we resist that? 5. I have already bought her a lot of clothes. I got this one from Orient Expressed, it is for next summer and is SUPER cute. I just LOVE little ones in bubble suits. I can just see her with a little blue bow in her hair! Ohhh, I can't wait! 6. This is a picture of her dresser (we haven't started refinishing it yet, or painting the wall, or decorating or...or...or....but just to demonstrate, Rory is already racking up on stuff. 7. These are 2 sleepers that Kevin bought for her. They are cute! The light blue one has piglet and the pink one has pooh on it. 8. I made the mistake of going into Strasburg Children the other day and they were having a sale. I got her a daygown for when she is little and another bubblesuit (pink this time) for next summer. 9. This is her "Lambie" or bedtime cuddle item. It has her name on it. I just couldn't resist. It is SOOO soft and cuddlie. I think that she is really going to like it. 10. I also ordered her a diaper bag from Lands End. It, too, has her monogram on it. It is pretty big but I figured that it would be handy on weekend outings and trips to the grandparents houses. Cute AND functional...yep! That is it...Ciao!

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Addition

OK, so the old Bermuda Blue was worn slap out so THIS is the newest addition to my Vera Br@dley obsession. It is a GREAT purse!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 on Tuesday

I haven't done a 10 on Tuesday in a while so I thought it was worth a try.

  1. I am officially done with school. As a matter of fact, my degree should be in the mail, on the way to me!
  2. Kevin was off on Saturday and a whole weekend was great!
  3. Our new loveseat came in and we got it on Sunday. It looks terrific in our living room (I will try to get some pics promises though)
  4. Mom's hot water heater busted on Thursday morning, flooding the whole bottom floor of her house in at least 3 inches of water. It is a mess to say the least!
  5. I missed graduating with top honors (suma, magna...whatever, I can't remember which is which) by .05 points. Ughhh!
  6. Ruby will be 6 on Friday. Happy Birthday Ruby Girl!
  7. My desk printer at work is broken. I didn't realize how much I used it until every thing I print has to be picked up on the office printer/copier/scanner that is down the hall. At least I am getting a lot of exercise.
  8. I think that I am going to sign up for a smocking class. Why not? I don't have school to occupy my evenings and I get kind of bored with no Kev-Po home with me.
  9. Mom's wedding is 2 weekends away. I have A LOT to do before then!
  10. That is it...I can't think of any more. Sorry!


Friday, August 1, 2008

  • We are pretty freaking excited!
  • We have picked out her name and I will gladly post it here. I DO have 1 requirement though. Please keep in mind that we love her name and we feel that it is a perfect representation of who she is to us. Therefore, it is perfectly OK with us if you don't like it, however, please respect our decision and keep it positive on here!

This is a proof of her calling cards (yep, already ordered them!). Feel free to chime in on what you think.

I will post a scan of the ultrasound when I get a chance to scan it in, BUT I am warning you, she was being very modest (lets hope it stays that way) so a great picture of her goods was hard to achieve! Anyway, thanks for all the comments, we really are very lucky to have such great friends (and family)!

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