Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conversations with Rory

At the dinner table

Me: Rory, please don't hold your fork above your head, you are going to drop your food in your hair.
Rory: (Does it anyway)
Me: Rory, last warning, do not put your food in the air like that.  I will take the fork away if you continue to do this.
Rory: Mommy...I not can help it...sometime Rory isa fwazy (crazy) baby

Kevin:  (Calling to Rory in the other room) Rory, come here please
K: Rory, what are you doing?  Come here please
K: (louder this time) Rory!
Rory sticks her head out her door
R: Justa second Daddy...I almost done...gimme 3 minutes

Last night, Rory was sticking her hands in my water glass...after being told not to do it for about the 3rd time and being redirected to something else only to come back and do it again.
M: Rory, do not put your hands in my water glass.  That is gross, if you do it again, I am going to spank your hand.
R: Yes...I will (puts her hand in the water glass again)
(I spank her hand)
R:  Mommy, you not tell me no...I forgive you.
M: I appreciate your generosity...but I didn't do anything wrong, you are the one that put your hand in the glass after I told you not to.
R: I fink I need to stand in the corner
M: OK...go ahead.

Rory comes in the living room, dragging a trash bag of clothes that I have set asside to donate to Hannah Home.  We have discussed this bag of clothing at length since she helped me clean out her drawers and we discussed how she was too big for the clothes and were are going to donate them to Hannah Home.
M: Rory, what are you doing?
R: We gonna give these clothes for the donuts
Apparently 'donate' and 'donut' were too close in similarity.

In the car, after Gymboree a few weeks ago
M: Rory, you look tired, did you have fun at Gymboree?
R: Yes..I did...I am az-zosted, I need a nap

There are more, I just can't think of them right now.  Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning Survey

I found this in an email in my archived folder at work...I thought it would be fun to post and pass around.  Some of the questions were kinda random...but it is funny none the less.  Let me know if you do it on your blog so that I can read your nerosis as well!

  1. Shower Curtain - When not in use- open, or closed? CLOSED!!!!
  2. Toilet paper – flap on top, or bottom? Flap on top-roll needs to turn counterclockwise
  3. Sweeping – everyday, once or twice a week, once in a blue moon or don’t own a broom? I’d say once or twice a week.
  4. Vacuum - , once or twice a week, once in a blue moon or only when company comes? We vacuum at least once a week, we should do it more, but Rory is TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner, so we have to do it when she isn’t there, or is outside and distracted.
  5. Least favorite chore: UNLOADING THE DISHWASHER
  6. Household chore you don’t mind doing: Ironing or polishing silver (I LOVE to polish silver...weird I know!)
  7. How often do you change the air filter in your house? 1-2 times per month.
  8. Dishwasher: Load as you go or do it all at once? I like to load as I go, but as much as I hate unloading…sometimes it is all at once because I haven’t unloaded it yet.
  9. Silverware in the dishwasher – each type all together or mixed up and sorted when it is put away? I try to put each type together, but it isn’t a big deal if it isn’t.
  10. Ironing – starch or no starch? STARCH STARCH STARCH! I even starch and press my jeans…although Kevin hates his jeans pressed, so it is just mine.
  11. Medicine cabinet – neatly organized or mass confusion? I try to keep it neatly organized, even to the point that all medicines are labeled with the label maker with the proper dosage for the intended user and blister pack pills are in clear (empty baby food) plastic containers with a label on the front , so that I can easily tell what is in it and how much is left. Kevin on the other hand…doesn’t mind mass confusion.
  12. Fitted sheets – folded neatly in proportion to the flat sheet, folded good enough or not folded at all? I’d say folded neatly in proportion to the flat sheet. I can’t stand wrinkled sheets (hence why I starch and iron flat sheets and pillowcases) so all our sheets are folded neat and tidy.
  13. Sheets – how often do you change them? Once a week…every week.
  14. Towels – do you reuse towels? Yep, I will use one 2-3 times before washing it, as long as it is folded and hung up in between uses. I always got a clean one growing up (sorry Mom) but once I got to college and had to do my own laundry...I started using them a few times before washing.
  15. Underwear and socks – folded and paired or just shoved in a drawer? Folded and paired. Kevin says that he never had folded underwear until he met me…I didn’t know that there was an alternative.
  16. Ceiling fan – on or off when you are sleeping? ON – I like my bedroom to be chilly when I am sleeping. Mostly because I like the weight of the down comforter on me and they keep you pretty toasty. Kevin could do without the fan.
  17. Curtains – Open all the time, closed all the time or open during the day/closed at night? I like them open during daylight, closed at night, Kevin likes them closed all the time.
  18. Oven Light – on while cooking or only turned on to look and then turned back off? On if there is something in the oven (this was a weird question – never really thought about it)
  19. Glasses – Organized by type or haphazardly placed in the cabinet? Organized by type and alternating up and down so that use the space efficiently.
  20. Label Maker – Do you own one and if so, do you use it? Yep..I have 2 actually. I use them A LOT!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2011

March - picture catch up

 OK. So, still a bad blogger.  Consider this the catch up post.  My Uncle Hobie and Uncle Freddie came up to visit about a month ago.  They had never met Rory and I had not seen Uncle Hobie since the summer I was pregnant with Rory and hadn't seen Uncle Freddie since my Dad's funeral.  I REALLY enjoyed seeing them and I was very glad that Rory got to meet them!

I was waiting to post pics until I could figure out Lightroom, but I haven't had a chance to play with it, so these are all SOOC.  I made Rory 2 of these little tops.  They are reversible so she gets a lot of wear out of them.  They are cute with most anything, including her cowgirl boots, which you will see, from the next few pics, were her shoe of choice for a while!  

 Sidewalk chalk and a toddler...stereotypical springtime activity. 

Pink tricycle, pink cowgirl boots and princess helmet...she is ready to go.  We are still working on how to actually pedal...but we are getting there!
 It is hard to believe that she is actually big enough to ride this tricycle.  She got it for her 1st birthday and couldn't even come close to getting her feet on the pedals. 
 She told me she was "watchin for Boos-eye and Woody. 
 See that little thing in her hand.  You and I might call it a tire pressure gauge.  If you ask Rory what it is, she will point it at your face, close one eye, squint and tell you to "say Cheese-burga."  Apparently, having a Policeman for a Dad has made her an aficionado of spy cams and stealthy electronics,
 You have heard of the naked chef?  Well introducing the naked, turtle tambourine playing chef. 
 I mentioned that I was working on a bubble suit for her and would take a picture when I got done.  These are HORRIBLE. I was in a hurry and didn't look at the pics until like a week later.  I didn't realize that the camera was focusing on the cabinets behind her until I actually uploaded them.  Oh well, you get the point,  It is cute and bright and spring-like and it looks SUPER cute on her.

 After church 2 weeks ago.  She was such a good girl during church, by the time that we got home, she was pretty tired of obeying and was not the slightest bit interested in taking pics.  This is the best that I could get.
 Telling Nellie, who was peeking out the window, to go lay down and behave. 

 She is such a goofball.
 Back in Decatur the next weekend.  She and Sarah Grace played the piano.  She LOVES the piano, and will beg anyone to play for her.  Sarah loves to play and is phenomenal, so it works out well. 

 She fell asleep like this on Kevin, I thought it was cute, so I took a picture.
 Another one of my smocking projects, made for a friend of ours little girl.
 1 toddler + 1 box of packing peanuts - 1 Mommy who was starting dinner = big mess.  She doesn't look the slightest bit remorseful does she?  Good thing that she is cute!  After all, she had a good time playing and it was an easy (albeit time consuming) clean up.  No lasting damage!
 I was refinishing and repainting a table for the living room (another post) and to keep Rory busy I gave her an empty Tang container filled with water, cheapo paint brush and let her loose in the back yard to "paint the fence."  It occupied her time for a good 45 minutes, possibly longer,  She thought it was the greatest thing ever. 
 When she wasn't painting the fence, she was chasing Nellie.  Both of them were in hog heaven. 
 Classic Rory look.
OK, so you are caught up on the month of March except for mine and Kev's anniversary, but I will cover those on another day.

Whew!  See ya later.

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