Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom Survey

I found this survey and thought that it was mildly interesting. Some questions are obviously geared towards older children and are not applicable...but interesting none the less!

  1. How old is your child/children? Almost 5 Months
  2. Girl(s) or Boy(s)? Girl
  3. Bottle fed or breast fed? Bottle
  4. Are there more children in your future? Probably, we are PLANNING on waiting until Miss Bee is out of diapers.
  5. Do you stay at home with your kid(s)? No...Kev is home with her until 2 and then our super sweet babysitter comes and keeps her until I get home at 5. It works out well!
  6. Bedtime (kids…not you!): somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30 depending on when she falls asleep.
  7. Where do your kids go to school/daycare? No where at the moment...she will go to Preschool at C@haba Bend and the local elementary school for school when the time comes. But that is a ways off, so I try not to think about it!
  8. Do you like their school/daycare? Sure...Daddy Day Care is great! ;)
  9. Would you ever homeschool? NOPE! There is NO WAY that I can prepare her with everything that she needs to know to get into college. I could probably handle it up until 4th or 5th grade, but Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Biology...nope...barely made it through when I was in school! We moved into a stellar school district for a reason! If for some freak reason, we decide that we don't like our school district, we will do private school. I think that the social implications of school are way too important to home school.
  10. Is college important…will you insist that your child go? There is no option not to go. She can go where she wants to...but she has to go, and has to graduate with a 4 year degree in something.
  11. Favorite time of the day: Right after Miss Bee's bath when she is full and clean and smells good and is usually very talkative...holy cow...cuteness overload!
  12. Favorite food: Right now Pears or Bananas
  13. Kid’s favorite happy meal: If I had my way she wouldn't ever have a happy meal but I am sure she will at some point so I am going to have to get back to you on this one.
  14. Do you eat organic? Sometimes...I don't insist on it though. I try to make her baby food with organic since I would like to keep her as free from chemicals and pesticides for as long as possible.
  15. Does your child have a security item? Yep, she loves her some t@ggies and her lambie.
  16. Thumb sucker or Pacie Baby? Pacie baby all the way...think Maggie Simpson.
  17. Any extra curricular activities? Umm, nope...we figure that we will work on crawling and walking before we move on to organized activity.
  18. Does your child have any nicknames? Little Bear, Baby Pepper (Kev is Sgt. Pepper), Tiny Girl, Doodle Bug
  19. Do your children share a room or have their own? Nope, she has her own, although sometimes she shares ours with us.
  20. Discipline: Time out or spank? Umm, neither currently but when the time comes, a little of both I am sure, depending on the situation!

There you go...I think that I might take it around this time next year and see if any of my answers have changed. Have a great weekend! Ok you guys...your away...I can't wait to see your responses.


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