Monday, September 10, 2012

New Job, New Business, New...New..New!

I will write more later, but just to catch you up really quick, here is what has gone on in the last few months.
  • I know, I am a terrible person.  It has been a wild, wild ride these past few months.  I started a new job in May and so I took almost 3 weeks off before the new job and enjoyed my family.    I LOVE my new job, but it is very intense and so by the time I get home I am exhausted, and it is so busy, I don't have time to blog from work during the day.
  • Also, I have started an online business.  I am fully stocked (with more coming in each week) and ready to go!  It is a custom and classic children's clothes business, including monogramming and boutique creations.  Check us out at and tell your friends!
  • Rory just started back to school last week, she is going 3 days per week and we are loving it so far.  Today they had to bring their favorite apple to school and they are going to count them,  cut them, graph them and do some fraction work (and eat them of course).  I know...graphing and fractions...yeah, she is in 3k...haha!  We LOVE her school!
  • Rory starts dance this week too.  We did a 2 week camp this summer to see if she liked it and, as expected, she did!  She starts tomorrow doing ballet and tap.  I will keep you posted on that!  He is a pic or 2, just for fun!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I know, I know...I have never had a blog break that long, but it has been a wild and crazy few months.  Right after Christmas, we found out that 2 of my aunts had cancer (Kitty-bladder, Leann-lung), my Mom and Tim bought and moved into a new house and we moved them in the weekends surrounding Christmas and New Years, we threw a baby shower for my cousin Eric and his wife (they had Warren 2/15) and it has just been all around crazy around here.

I will get back into the swing of things soon, I promise.  For now, here is a pic to hold you over (it is the picture I used on Rory's Valentine's cards for her class).

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