Friday, July 30, 2010

5 on Friday

Not a whole lot going on this week so I thought I would throw a "5 on Friday" out there.

  1. Our babysitter has been out of town for 2 weeks.  Last week my MiL kept Rory and this week Tim has kept her.  Rory has really enjoyed the Grands, but WOW is she rotten now!
  2. I am pretty sure that the surface of the sun is cooler than it is outside.
  3. We joined Gymboree today.  I think we will try it for a month.  Rory really liked it last week so I am sure that it will become a regular thing for us.  It is good for her to be around other kiddos. 
  4. We are SLAMMED at work.  I am SO glad that today is Friday.
  5. I am TIRED!  I can't come up with a #5.  I will try to get some pics up this weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

C is for Cookie

I am pretty sure that she enjoyed the cookie..Getting it off the cup later was an adventure to say the least.

I set out to try to get a picture of the new outfit that I did for Rory. Turns out, that is MUCH easier said than done. Rory had other plans. Mainly standing in her chair.

She isn't supposed to stand in the chair. She turned around and said "Hey Mommy. Sit down."  
A girl and her first Vera Br@dley. It is a beautiful thing.
Juice Break.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know that I have already posted this picture, but it is Wednesday, I miss my sweet girl and I want to see it again.

Monday, July 19, 2010



I have been thinking a lot lately about friends and how important they are, and how thankful I am for the ones that I have in my life.  It is amazing to me that God knows what we need and he always places people in our lives to suit those needs.  I truely do have a great group of friends around me.

Friday night, Mandy and Jason (and their girls) came over for dinner (we went high health and ordered pizza) and Mandy and I played on my embroidery machine and the Daddies supervised the girls and hung out together.  When Mandy and I met, back in 2002, I never could have dreamed what we would each go through in our lives and how important our friendship would become.  Sure, there are times that we don't physically talk for a while, but we always seem to pick right back up where we left off and I know that if I need something, she is just a phone call away, and vice versa. 

Of course, who could forget Allison.  We met our freshman year, when we got paired together as room mates.  We IMMEDIATELY hit it off.  Other people would complain about their roomies but we didn't have those issues, we just got along.  Allison has moved all over the place but we are still besties to this day.  Interestingly, we are total opposites when it comes to most things (Politics mainly), and we tend to "agree to disagree" but it is never a hostile or heated conversation.  Allison is truely one of my dearest friends and probably one of the people, besides Mandy, that know me the best.

I am not going to take the time to outline every single one of my friends, that would be a LOOONG post and that is not what you are here for, right?  I just wanted to do a post on friendship in general.  I have found out over the past few years, especially after my Dad died, who really is a friend and who was just sticking around for the wrong reasons.

Right after Nonie and Dad died, I would get calls and cards and everyone wanted to know how I was holding up.  I would answer my usual "OK, some days are better than others, but over all, I am doing all right."  After a few months, all those people who were concerned and calling to check on me, started slowly dwindling.  Not that it was a big surprise, or a bad thing, just a fact.  Clearly, as I am aware, not everyone was effected by their deaths like I was, for obvious reasons.  This is where it gets interesting though; and where your true friends really become obvious.  On top of dealing with all the "firsts" - we were trying to start a family and going through treatments to try to get pregnant. It was a stressful, and highly emotional, time for us.  I noticed that there was a consistent half-dozen or so friends who would check on me/us.  Just a little "How ya doin'" email here and a "No need to call me back, just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you" voicemail there.  It was reassuring and a little disturbing too.  I was amazed that there were people who I would have bet high sums of money on, that they would call, who didn't and people who I never thought would care enough to follow up that did. 

This is the time when some of my High School friends, who I hadn't seen or spoken to in a while, popped back up.  You know who you are ladies!  Although we only see each other on the kid's birthdays or in passing, it meant so much, and still does, that they cared enough to check on me and support me.  Whether it be through a blog comment or an email or even just a kind hug at a kid's event, it was so reassuring.  I was floored when, the day of Rory's party, in the frigid rain, they drove down with their young kiddos to be a part of Rory's big day.  I remember looking around our house on that day, and thinking, "This is it, this is what it is all about, all our wonderful friends, all together to celebrate a life and such a momentous occassion, not only in Rory's life, but ours too."  Our house, that day, was full to the seams with love and happiness.  I can't think of anyone else I would have rather shared that day with than that house full of people. As we looked around, we saw all of our friends, laughing and embracing and just loving us and our little family of three.  It was a magical day, and not just for Rory!

You know, they say that when the going gets rough, that is when you find out who your true friends are.  I couldn't agree more.  2007 was a HORRIBLE year, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but it was a blessing too.  It became readily apparent, who was hanging around for their own benefit, and who truely cared about Kevin, Rory and I. That is a hard wake up call though.  It is difficult to know that you have put time and effort into a friendship or maintaing a relationship and in the end, you were the only one that cared about the frienship.  That is a hard pill to swallow, especially on top of all the other life altering events that we were going through.  After having come through it though, I am thrilled to have a group of people around us, who love and support us, and who would do anything for us and of whom we feel the same.  I can't ever repay you guys (you know who you are) for what  you have given me, for what you have given my family.  Sticking with someone through such dark and heavy times isn't easy, but you guys weathered the storm.  Again, I can't thank you guys are amazing, truly amazing!  Thank you for thinking of us, praying for  us and most of all for being there for us when we needed you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

19 Months

19 Months...I can hardly believe it!  She is SO much fun.  She is talking in sentences.  Including telling me the other day..."Hey GurFend" (hey girlfriend) and if I am on the phone she will say "Mommy gimme dat phone" or she will bring the phone to me and say "I talka Daddy" meaning that she wants me to call him at work so she can talk to him.  She is a trip...we are really in for it, I tell ya this one is a motor mouth...I wonder where she gets that from?

The pics this month are not really portrait quality...but they are just Rory.  So excuse the quality, enjoy the sweet baby. (I haven't edited these besides adding the watermark, so the color isn't the greatest...sorry in advance)

Excuse the solar flare in the background...this look is 100% Rory...she is so happy and look at those little girl legs...where are my baby's chunky thighs going?

I know, it isn't of her face, but she will throw the ball for Nellie until you make her stop.  She yells "Gid-id Nellie, Gid-id" and Nellie comes running!  I had to capture it, and how can I resist those curls?
Do you see that place on her forehead?  Yeah, she hit her self in the middle of the forehead with a box at Target.  She didn't cry or anything, but it broke the skin a bit.  She asks for "meh-sin" for her head about 100 times a day.  She thinks it is hilarious to get the antibacterial foam stuff on her head.  She just giggles.

This is my favorite...I just love that little face and that little pouty mouth.  Well that is it for the 19 month update.  Hope you guys enjoyed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Rory Bee Custom Monogramming and Embroidery

Light on words, heavy on pics! Loving my new machine, I have had a lot of fun making stuff for people.  There is also a really cute dress that I did for Rory with a frog on it, but I didn't get a picture of it.  I will try to do that today and add it when I get a chance.  Enjoy!

Also, check out my etsy store over there...------>  It is slim right now, but I am about to beef it up a bit.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I woke up last Monday with a raging case of the hives.  It has been a LONG 9 days!  I will be back with the long story later, but lets just say that I am on day 9, 2nd round of Prednisone, have had 3 shots and I still have them.  I have an appointment with an allergist today, wish me luck.  I am pretty frustrated (and itchy)!  Please keep me in your prayers, I am about to go bonkers!

Allergist changed my medicine routine.  Still on Prednisone (8 more days), taking Zyrtec twice a day, along with Zantac twice a day and also a RX antihistimine.  Still have the hives, still about to go crazy out of my mind!  They are giving me 2 weeks of this RX combo and then we start testing for auto-immune diseases.  Please you guys, say your prayers that this is nothing major and that this all gets cleared and taken care of.  I am sorta worried right now.  Ok, a lot worried!

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