Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 on Tuesday

Top 10 list of the things that I am grateful for this week. 1 - my “Kev-Po” (actually, I am grateful for him EVERY week, but whatever) 2 – our puppies…they are just soooo cute and are such great company when Kevin is not home 3 – our families, this is a picture of kevin’s nephews…Davis and Brock…aren’t they cute? (Sidenote: watch for Davis in some commercials for the Atlanta mall-super cute Boy!) 4 – our house. Even though we both owned our own houses before we got married, the house that we purchased together is such a happy place. 5 – My super cute sports car for those times I am feeling “froggy” This is absolutely the coolest car ever…it is sooo much fun to throw the top down and cruise on home, it is a great ending to a rough day! 6 - My“super great, pack in 7 people, pop in a DVD and cruise to the beach” SUV. This vehicle, for some reason, makes me feel like a family…I guess because it is the “family” car and will eventually haul around not only us and the 2 puppies, but a baby and 45 pounds of gear and toys. Love it! 7 – My friends, old and new. I love that the first thing that I do every morning when I get into to work is check “the crew’s” blogs. I am obsessed, I admit it! I just love that we are all back together again! 8 – Kev and I-together! We have been married for almost a year and it has been great. I am one lucky girl to have found him. I sometimes am shocked at how fortunate I am. (I was convinced that I was going to be a “cat lady,” you know what I am talking about) 9 – Sunshine, I am such a grumpy gus when it is not sunny out. I am like a sunflower, I get all droopy and sad if I have to go without it. 10 – Soft Pretzels, you know like the ones you get at the concession stand. SOOO bad for you but holy cow…I just can’t resist!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Picture Post

Ok, so I haven't posted any pictures lately, so...here are some random pics just for entertainment sake!

First of all, here is "Willow." She is a fun girl!!!!!
Next, we have my friend Mandy's youngest little one, Maci. Maci is wearing an outfit that I made her for her birthday. (Mandy and I have a custom kids clothes business. We do kids clothes, Tag blankets, custom burp cloths, stuff like that--email me for some sample pics)
Next, a picture of "My Babies." Many of you remember these 2 when they were little bitty...well they will be 12 on Sunday and I can hardly believe it. They went with us to Memphis in August. We had a blast...I think 2 preteens with raging hormones was quite an adventure for Kevin. I love these girls...always "my babies!"
Last, but certainly not least, our sleepy puppies lounging on the couch in the "Man Room." They are so cute!
Well, I guess that is it...hope everyone had a great V day! Ciao!!!!

Singles Awareness Day

Happy Singles Awareness Day! Kevin and I don't have big plans for the night. We are cooking chili and watching TV. I know...glamourous! I DID get 30 tulips at work today from my wonderful, fantastic, super-great, sweet husband. I am so rotten...not complaining though!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Way Too Long

Ok, so it has been WAAAY too long since I posted. Sorry about that! It was a busy week! I had my first major test in World Economic Development, it sucked! I can not wait to get this class over with, it is about as much fun for me as a root canal. To top all of this off, Kevin and I were both pretty sick last week with some kickin' colds! Yuck...no fun! On a happy note, Kevin turned 27 on Tuesday...we had dinner with his parents at Firebirds. It was FANTASTIC!!! Then, on Saturday, we had lunch with Kev's parents, his grandmother "Hubbard," his brother Chris and his wife Jenni and our nephews Davis and Brock at Cheesecake factory. Kevin's family has covered February with birthdays! Kevin, Jenni, Beverly (his mom) and Hubbard all have Feb. birthdays! It was alot of fun. Kevin also took Saturday and Sunday off so that we could hang out. That NEVER happens, it was great...we cleaned house and did laundry...romantic I know! I love doing the little things with him! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE that Boy?

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