Friday, September 21, 2007

HEAT WAVE and Home Improvements

  • Ok, so the AC here at work is broken, yet again-2nd time this week, and I am about to ROAST! Seriously, our office is laid out like kind of an L office being at the very end of the L and there is no ventilation and since the AC doesn't work, I am sitting in stagnant heat...YUCK!

HOME IMPROVEMENTS-Just call me Bob Villa!

  • On a side note, when we built our house, I didn't pick out all kinds of different colors to paint the rooms, we went with 1 very neutral color and they used it on every wall, in every room. At the time, we were trying to get both of our houses sold and plan a wedding so picking paint colors--not on the top of the list.
  • NOW-I am tired of beige walls and we are slowly adding color to the rooms, I did the Kitchen about a year ago and the Hall Bath this past April.
  • This weekend, my Mom is coming down and she is going to help me pick out some colors for the remaining rooms (except for the man room/future nursery since it has a 20 ft ceiling and I don't want to paint it now and then have to repaint it again--once is enough!) and then Kev and I will paint at our leisure.
  • I will try to take pics to do some before and afters.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Lil' Piggie's Closet

If you guys haven't seen Candi's blog, I made some burp cloths and T@ggies for her. In case you guys are interested. Here are some other ones that I have done and also one of the outfits that I have done. I apologize in advance for the low quality pics!

  • This outfit is called "Paris Pups" It really is one of my FAVORITES! The pants fabric isn't available anymore, but these outfits are SUPER cute in most any fabric combination.
  • These are just some random Burp Cloth sets.

Nellie's Opinion and Ruby Hides

Ruby and Nellie wanted to know why they haven't been posted about in a while. This is what Nellie thinks of the news today. (I think that she was more upset that I was paying attention to the paper and not her!) Ruby has a new hiding place. She has decided that the hall bathroom is the best place to hide out. Here she is in all her cute-hiding-in-bathroom self.

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