Monday, May 4, 2009

Post a Day

OK, I am going to TRY to do a post a day (weekdays only) for a month like I did last March. Notice I said TRYING! I can't guarantee that they will all have pictures...but I will do my best!

Today's post is: 10 things NOT to say to someone who is experiencing fertility issues (with my thoughts included at no extra need to thank me! :) ) I found this post saved as a draft from the day before we found out we were pregnant. I didn't post it because of obvious reasons, but thought that I might go ahead and float it on out there.

  1. “Just relax it will happen” - I assure you that “relaxing” is not the issue. If "relaxing" got you pregnant...Destin, the Caribbean and Hawaii wouldn't be NEARLY as popular as they are.
  2. “Start the process of adoption, then you will get pregnant” – If only it were that simple. Umm, odd response, and not accurate...adoption is not an alternative to pregnancy to be taken lightly.
  3. “Gosh, I hope that when you do get pregnant, that you don’t have like…5” – You and me both sister!
  4. “It was so easy for me to get pregnant” – I know, that is why I want stick my negative pregnancy tests, ovulation predictor kits and thermometer up your nose.
  5. “Maybe you should pray about it”Ummm, again, refer to #1…praying does not a pregnant woman make…believe me, if that is all it would take, I'd have a house full by now. Praying to be pregnant makes you no more pregnant than praying NOT to be pregnant makes you not pregnant.
  6. “Maybe you weren’t meant to have children”Ummm, are you looking for a reason for plastic surgery, because I could fix your face so that it could become a very near possibility.
  7. “Maybe you aren’t doing it right” – OK kids, we had a class in 4th grade that pretty much covered this one. I graduated from college and I am pretty sure that if I am intelligent enough to figure out Calculus, I can figure this one out.
  8. “Don’t worry about it, good things come to those who wait” – Again, refer to #1…worry…not the issue.
  9. “Give it a year or two, it will happen” – Has it occurred to you that I might have already passed the 1-2 year mark? I didn’t think so.
  10. “Oh, look at all the pregnant people, I am sorry that you can’t join them.” – Me too, Sister, Me too!
OK, there it is...take it for what it is worth...


Candi said...

I give this post 2 thumbs up!

Monica said...

Lauren, Bless you for posting that. It's nice to know that my mind isn't the only one that's had thoughts like that. You put a smile on my face today and that's a blessing to me!

Colleen said...

I'm sure you heard it all. Your mental responses were a lot nicer than I'm sure most people's are. We need a list like this for pregnancy too. Saying "wow, you eat a LOT" to a woman who is 6 months pregnant is not very smart at all. I'm convinced they are the same people who would say these things to you...

Lauren said...

This list already exists, I was saving it for another day, but I might go ahead and post it.

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