Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 on Tuesday - The Wednesday Edition

  1. No pics again today...but soon!
  2. We got Rory's carseat this weekend, now we just need a sweet baby to fill it!
  3. Her mattress came in yesterday...thank you PeePaw! (Rory thanks you too!)
  4. Her bedding came in yesterday. Mom and Tim are bringing it down today...I CAN'T WAIT to get it all in the crib!
  5. If Rory is born 4 weeks early, like I was, I only have 4 weeks or 28 days left...AHHHH, scary!
  6. Kevin is off on Saturday and we are doing the hospital tour. That is exciting!
  7. Next weekend is my Decatur shower...I CAN'T WAIT to see all my Decatur friends! Yay!!!!!
  8. Can you believe that it is almost November already? Wow, this year has flown by!
  9. Smocking class is going really well. I will have to take a pic of my progress so far. I am not TOO bad but lets just hope that Rory is cute enough that people look at her cute face, and not the smocking on her dress.
  10. I LOVE the cold weather...I like winter clothes, easier for a "fluffy" girl to hide the chub! Hehehe!
  11. This is an extra one! Thanks Colleen and Candi for the shout outs on your blogs today!


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