Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 on Tuesday

  1. Kevin and I went to Homestead Hollow on Sunday. We got a really cute lady bug painting thingie with Rory's name on it. Super cute!
  2. Mom and Tim's cocktail party celebrating their wedding was Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, but I am STILL tired from it.
  3. Mandy's littlest, Maci, had her birthday party on Saturday...she is so dang cute...must get it from her Mommy!
  4. What I wouldn't pay to be able to sleep on my stomach again!
  5. How come oil per barrell is at the lowest it has been in who knows how long, and gas is STILL crazy high...that is when you can find it!
  6. The difficulty in finding premium gas has really put a cramp in me being able to drive the Sky. What do I have to say about that....poopie drawers...that is what I think!
  7. Mom has already smocked Rory 2 day gowns and is working on a 3rd. Ok, the kiddo has TONS of clothes, seriously...TONS!
  8. testing my blood sugar 4xs a day sucks....enough said!
  9. 7 days until the 4D ultrasound...can't wait!
  10. We don't have any plans this weekend but next weekend is the Birmingham baby shower and the Decatur shower is November 8th...Yay for baby showers! (PS: All you Decaturins, your invites should be arriving in the mail for the 11/8 shower any day now...can't wait to see you all!)


Colleen said...

Penciling in November 8th... Can't wait! And the 4D ultrasound! Can't wait to see pics if you share!!

Katy said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. I loved the ones of Scarlet, it was the coolest thing. I could actually see what my baby was going to look like before she came into the world. Truely amazing, I know that you guys will love it.

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