Wednesday, October 22, 2008


  • I know that I haven't posted anything since last week, I am a bad blogger! I have a post in my head, all written up, but I don't want to post it until I can get my pictures off my camera from the baby shower. We had a GREAT time and the cake turned out great (Despite Mom, Kitty and I and our antics while making it!). Mom and Kitty came down on Friday and stayed through Sunday. We had a great time together!
  • Rory got a lot of good stuff at the shower and Mom and I got her curtains made. They are REALLY cute! Her nursery is really coming together. Kitty is doing a painting to go over her changing table, I can't wait to see it! Once the nursery is all done, I will post pictures, but it might be a few more weeks!
  • Rory got a lot of clothing and books at the shower! We haven't gotten her car seat, stroller, pack-n-play, infant monitors or any of the other big stuff yet, but hopefully soon. Right now, she will be dressed beautifully to come home, but with no car seat...we will have to leave her (Yeah, Right!). HEHEHE! I think that we are going to buy her car seat next week....that is the plan as of now.
  • I am taking a Smocking class and last night was my first class. We had to pick out projects. I picked a day gown (in a pretty french blue) and it will be smocked in white and pink. I will keep you updated with my progress!
  • This is a really random post, but whatever, at least you are up to speed. I will work on getting some pics together for you guys!
  • 31 weeks today, wow...just wow!


Candi said...

Don't go buying anything until you get done with your second shower! Smocking..something else I want to learn how to do...can't wait to see the pictures of the project you are working on. And her nursery! Wow 31 weeks! The countdown begins!

Lauren said...

We are buying her carseat...and that is it until after the showers. We have a coupon for 20% off of it and that is like $50. There are a lot of high priced items left if someone is set on spending a lot!!!! I will post pictures of my smocking progress!

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