Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas, Snow and Sleepy baby.

 Get ready...this is going to be a LOT of pictures.  Rory's main present from Santa this year was her kitchen.  Her stocking was full of play food, big girl underwear, and tissues (which she is currently obsessed with).

 Kev trying to let her wake up enough to see her presents from the Man-in-Red
The look on her face is funny..."Where the heck did THAT come from?"
 It didn't take her long to figure out the whole opening presents thing.
 Someone found that the kitchen was already stocked with play food.
 A "Roll-da-pen"

 Thanks Aunt Jenni, Uncle Chris, Davis and Brock for the apron set!
Daddy was a good sport. 
 We played in the snow twice.  The first time, it was really wet, and slushie, so the bottom of her overalls got soaked.  She had a good time though, that is all that matters.
 Unlike last year, when she would look at her mittens on her hands and cry...this year she was OBSESSED with them.  She kept asking for her mipmens...pretty cute!

 Snow, round two.  It was that good, powder snow. 
 We broke out the tricycle and let her ride it in the snow.  She thought that was pretty neat.

 Rory liked looking at the snow flakes on the ground.
 This one is for Lovie and Gee...this is tonight, she took her baby to bed with her and when I went in to check on her, she had cuddled up to her in the corner.  Now, if we can just get her to name the baby steps I guess.
Kevin got me a Pandora bracelet with 7 slides.  Rory and I got him a Lambskin leather jacket.  It was a great Christmas for all of us!  We are so blessed!


phat girls usa said...

sissy and i can't WAIT till tommorrow!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Me neither...bring comfy shoes, and be ready for a GOOD TIME!

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