Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 days - 10 on Wednesday

  1. In 4 days, I will have a 2 year old.!
  2. I am reading George Bush's Decision Points.  So far, it is very interesting and I really like it.  It is really interesting insight into the mind of the President.  The thing I like the best, is that it really shows his spiritual heart and how he really tried to stay true to what he knew was right.
  3. Christmas plans are shaping up.  My Dad's family is coming down the Sunday after Christmas to spend the day with us and we are going to exchange gifts with them and have the 'ole traditional pasta Sunday dinner.  I am really excited.  It is going to be fun for them to get to experience Rory in her element, comfortable, at home.
  4. Rory's party is shaping up for Saturday.  I have NO idea how many people are coming, so if you are reading this, and are planning to be there, please let me know!
  5. Rory is going to have some special visitors for Gymboree on Saturday.  Tim is taking her and Sarah Grace and Victoria are going to do Gymboree with her.  The goal is to WEAR HER OUT, so that she will sleep and then be in a good mood for her party.
  6. I have been contemplating getting my PhD...don't know what in, or when I will have the time to do it, but have been thinking about it non the less.
  7. Frustrated on the career front, maybe that explains #6.
  8. I sure do miss my Allison.  After seeing her and DJ for the wedding, it drove it home even more.  Check out her photographer's blog for a sneak peak at the wedding pics.  Their engagement photos are also on the blog too, a post or 2 previous.
  9. We have been serenaded with "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Fun to Ride, HEY!" over and over and over again this week.  It is pretty cute though.
  10. Every night, right before I take Rory to put her in the bed, I ask her if she wants to say her prayers.  She will put her little hands together and I usually say them and then she chimes in with an Amen at the end.  Last night, I decided that I would ask her to say them, not knowing if she would actually do it.  Sometimes, I wonder if she is really retaining any of this stuff that I am throwing at her.  They sounded like this: "Now I lay me, down-a sleep, pway the Loahd, soul a keep, angels gar me, bwess Mommy, Daddy, Rory, AAAAmen."  Not bad, pretty close to the real thing.  I guess that constant reciting them, every night, has sunk in.  (PS: On a side note, it was so cute, I wanted to squeeze her until her eye balls popped out...just for the record)


Candi said...

Miss Aubrey is looking forward to Rory's party on Saturday so count us in :)

Colleen said...

We want to come so much and were planning on coming but now three of us are sick with colds. BOO! I'm hoping they clear up by then but if they don't, I'll get Rory's present to her somehow. I hate to miss it. :(

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