Friday, December 17, 2010


YAY!  It is Friday.  This week has been WILD! 

  1. Rory came down with the Flu on Sunday afternoon.  We took her to the 'doc-in-a-box' on Sunday night and she tested positive for Flu type B.  One prescription of Tamiflu for her, 1 each for Kevin and I and we were on our way.
  2. I finally created and ordered our Christmas Cards last night.  I had intentions of taking R's picture on Sunday and ordering them Sunday night, but...see #1.  I will get them mailed to you guys as soon as they come in!
  3. Our sitter's little brother came down with the flu on Monday so she has not kept Rory all week.  Rory misses 'Nanna' like crazy however, she has gotten to spend time with Bebe (Kev's Mom) and Gee (Tim) this week, so all 3 of them are happy about that.
  4. There is not much more pitiful than a baby with the flu.  She felt HORRIBLE, and I felt terrible that she was sick on her birthday.
  5. Christmas is coming up.  I only have some books left to buy for my nieces and nephews on my Mom's side, and then I am DONE (except stocking stuffers for Kev)
  6. We are almost in 2011.  Whew, that was fast!
  7. No Gymboree this week, I haven't told Rory yet.
  8. I am hoping to get Rory to the mall to see Santa this weekend.  We will see, we might just skip it this year!
  9. Coming up with 10 is difficult today.
  10. Rory is all about our 'Smiss-miss tree' and takes it upon herself to arrange and rearrange the ornaments on the bottom half.  Sometimes, some of her toys even make it on to the tree.  Most of the time, she clumps them all into one small space, I distribute them back out, but they always wind up clumped up again.  I have given up.


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