Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Opinions Needed

Hello all, I have been reading more and more about the vaccine debate. As recently as today in THIS, THIS and THIS article. I have always planned on getting vaccines for my children but I keep reading stuff about how it is risky and bad and harmful. I was vaccinated as a child with all the usual vaccines (I didn't have the chicken pox vaccine and got the hep B series before I went to college) and I turned out fine. I feel like if the vaccines can keep my child (or at least lower the risk to near nothing) from getting a horrible disease that could cause death, then I would be a fool not to do them. I mean, isn't it my responsibility as a parent to try to KEEP my children from harm? Is is right for me to depend on everyone else to vaccinate in order for my child to be protected? What if there are a high number of kids that Rory plays with that aren't vaccinated, because of that logic, then there is no longer the "herd immunity." If the minority (non-vaccine) begins to become the majority, then not vaccinating puts her at higher risk than vaccinating would have in the beginning. Anyway, circular argument I guess, I was just wondering what you guys thought. What are your thoughts on the vaccine debate?


Katy said...

I have also done some research and in my eight years of raising my children I have asked the doctors everthing that I could think of. I think it is crazy NOT to vaccinate. In most cases that I have heard/read about there was an underlying genetic problem. In most of those cases though the genetic problem would have never been detected or been a prblem had the parents never vaccinated. It is up to you but here is one more thing: Rory must be vaccinated to attend any schools includung daycares. The chicken pox vaccine is now required. On a very personal note: I am a believer in vaccinations because I had to see my baby in the hospital connected to tubes and IVs almost lifeless when she was 2 due to bacterial pnemonia. I just can't not do everything in my power to protect my babies from harm.

Brittni said...

I vaccinate. Actually today Aslynn, at a mere 2 months old got her first set today. I honestly believe that if saving my child from deadly diseases and preventable diseases causes my child to have Autism then I would rather my child be here to love and nurture than to have my child catch something and it kill them.

I was vaccinated just like you growing up and Brayden has been having his vaccinations as well since he was 2 months old and hes now 14 months.

I think its better to protect than harm and I'm going to do everything in my power to protect my babies that I nurtured so successfully for 9 whole months.

As noted above you have to vaccinate to attend schools but if I'm not mistaken there are a couple that you dont have to get as long as you prove a noted reason as to why you didn't give that vaccination.

It's completely up to you and Kevin as parents of Rory, but if you vaccinate you aren't a bad parent who has doomed your child from horrible illnesses caused by them(that make sense?)

Lauren said...

I am on the same page as both of you. We are definately planning on vaccinating, I just didn't realize that there was such a huge counter culture of people who DON'T. I don't really understand not vaccinating, I just thought that I was missing something...I dunno. I agree with you guys!

Monica said...

Wonky Granola parents don't vaccinate their kids & they think they are protecting them from something. Just from working in healthcare, there has been increasing cases of the measles creeping back up because parents are choosing not to vaccinate.

I think Craig said it best when he said that there really isn't any solid proof that vaccines cause Autism. Parent's are declining to Vax their kids & yet Autism is still on the rise. Obviously, it isn't the vaccines.

Not to stir the pot, but I know Dr's who think that Autism is just the worlds way of being able to accept that your child has a mental illness & it's easier to accept it if you have something tangible to tie it to.
I'm vaccinating any children that come from this body.

Brittni said...

I love it Monica...wonky granola :)

Katy said...

Thank you for making me laugh, that is a great desciption "wonky granola"! I love it Monica!!!

Candi said...

Agreeing with everyone...all my children will be vaccinated. Wonky granola gave me a smile today :)

Moore Power 2 You said...

lauren, i would never consider NOT getting my kiddos vaccinated. Emma went for her healthy check up when she turned 7 last year and they sprung the chicken pox vaccine on me. I didn't even know about it, didn't hesitate.

when maci got her vaccines last year I asked for the non mercury dose. the nurse answered that they only had 6 doses without mercury and didn't give them unless you aks for it. her tone of voice changed with me and i got what i maybe just imagined as a weird look from her, but in she walked with the mercury free dose. (or so she said it was - how do we really know?)

there are going to be horror stories invlovling every subject of raising a child. y'all have to make the decision that you feel is best within your heart.

Monica said...

I'm glad I could give you all a smile. I've heard the "nature moms" refer to themselves as Granola. When you go way out on the leafless branch, you become Wonky Granola.

Colleen said...

First, I don't know completely what I'm talking about. I know how I feel, and I know some of the stuff I've read and I know the gut-wrenching decision this can be. Please, for everyone, take what I say with a grain of salt.

I think there's a lot more research that needs to be done. Saying we don't know what causes autism but it definitely isn't THIS is a bogus argument and I can't believe that's the stance the vaccine people (it's early, I forget what they're called :) ) have taken. At least they're finally looking into it now.

Personally, I think if you're child is predisposed to autism, a vaccine may cause it to show it's ugly head. Most of the people I've heard who believe autism is caused by vaccines tend to say that their child exhibited some different behavior before the vaccine but after the vaccine it was almost immediately known that autism was coming out. I don't necessarily know if not getting the vaccine would have kept autism at bay, I suspect not. I think it probably would have delayed it. I imagine there's a lot more you can do to help your child when they're a little bit older though.

Unfortunatly, in Alabama, you don't have much of a choice. The only choice you have in Alabama is to refuse vaccines based on religious principles, and I believe you have to reject ALL vaccines in that case. We are not one of the states that allow you to opt out of vaccines based on personal beliefs. To refuse them on religious principles, you have to have a written document from your religious leader saying your religion doesn't believe in vaccines. I believe some people can get these documents without much of a problem, I'm not comfortable asking though.

So all of that randomness being said, I think when the time comes it involves knowing if your child leans anywhere near autistic signs, having a good relationship with your pediatrician, and a whole lot of praying. Some pediatricians give the MMR shot at 12 months, some at 15. Ours is at 15 and I'm a lot more comfortable with that (Dash has had his and thankfully, so far, is fine. Dash had zero signs of autism before though and we felt ok giving it. We still prayed like crazy though.) Some pediatricians are ok delaying vaccines, and I would prefer for him not to get so freaking many so close together, especially at first. One at the hospital, four at 2 months, 3 at 4 months and 3 at 6 months. And they should be based on your child's weight, not prepackaged. But that's not the case.

If you're worried about it, I'd find a pediatrician who is comfortable delaying vaccines. Or at least comfortable talking to you about it. Some will talk to you like you're an idiot for even bringing it up and that's never good. I would prefer for our baby to not get any vaccines until he was 6 months old but our doctor isn't supportive of it. Some doctor's will also allow you to get one vaccine a month instead of four at a time. I didn't want to put Dash through the rigamaroll of going to the doctor every month, but this might be an option for you.

And finally, autism isn't a death sentence. It makes things harder but there's so much you can do now to help your child and more and more things are being discovered every day. I suspect when the time comes to give your child a vaccine you'll have a gut feeling about it, and hopefully you're in a position to follow your gut. I'd still find a pediatrician who you feel comfortable with and discuss any issues you might have. Hopefully he can put your mind at ease a little bit.

Colleen said...

Sorry, after reading everyone's comments, I see that you're looking to see if you're missing anything on why so many people aren't vaccinating. I guess take my post as why some people choose not to vaccinate. :)

And granola, I don't mind. Wonky granola stings a little bit. I breastfeed, I cloth diaper, call me granola if you want. I think mom's who opt out of vaccines are just doing what we're all doing, trying to do the best they can by their child. We all have different ideas of what's best.

Candi said...

You know Colleen has got a good point. I have a 12 year old cousin who has autism. His life is not over due to this. He didn't have any problems until about the age of 8. Yes he was vaccinated. But he still functions pretty normally. He's just really withdrawn about certain things. But he is not weird, nor is his life of a lesser quality.
I take a lot about what my mother in law says....God gives special children to special people.
I haven't done much research into this yet, so I can't really put much out there. I do feel like I will do the vaccinations, but I believe that everyone should base it on their hearts, gut feelings, and what's best for their child.
And Colleen I do not think of you as a wonky granola. You did what is best for you and Dash. That is all that matters.

Trice said...

My girl gets all of her shots and even got an extra one this past winter to ensure that she didn't get RSV. After I asked her doctor I didn't think twice about it. If vaccinations were an item of concern I believe 100% that they would not give them to our children.

Lauren for your child whatever you decide is the best decision despite what others may say. If you cloth diaper, feed her with your left boob and bottle feed her the rest, thats your choice. Call it WONKY GRANOLA if you like. I call it being a parent.

Ill be a little more direct in this approach. Monica you need to really watch the things that you say to people. Your comments tend to be a little offensive at times!

Lauren said...

OK, OK, I didn't mean to start a rift...I was just trying to gain a new perspective. As of now, we plan on getting all of Rory's shots. I don't see a reason not to. However, if at some point, I don't feel right about 1 or more of them, then we will deal with that at that point. THanks everyone for contributing your opinion!

Brittni said...

You guys are taking Monica's Wonky granola thing way to far and beside it isn't something that she came up with. Repetition through the grape vine.

I'm sorry but I don't understand people who don't vaccinate and put their children even further into harms hands.

I don't think of Colleen as Wonky Granola just because she CD, breast fed, ect. I know Monica doesnt either. She is just the classic Granola. Look it up if my comment hurts.

WG is when you let your 4 year old ride freely in a car.

Monica said...

Hey, I posted on my blog what my definition of Wonky Granola is and I made my post before Patrice & Colleen made their posts on here. I don't have any issues with Cd'ing, home made baby food making or even delaying Vaccines.

Colleen, you should know better than to take it personally when you were one of the ones to help me decide to cloth diaper & I already have some BG's stashed away.

Monica said...

Lauren, heres a clafification post on my blog since I'm such a bad person.

Lauren said...

Monica, you are not a bad person. I already read your post. No harm done for me. I didn't mean to start such a controversial post. I am not/was not offended by WG.

Colleen said...

Grrr. I left a post and blogger ate it. Boo!

Monica and I discussed this over email, but I just wanted to clarify here. I didn't think Monica was talking about me, how could she have been since I vaccinate my kiddo? It was a hard decision for me like the eleventy billion other parenting decisions and I felt like the term came across as a little harsh and like I said, stung a little bit. I very easily could have opted out of the MMR shot altogether and not because I was a crazy hippie but because I'm trying to do what I think is best for my kid. That's what we're all doing. Of course we're all going to differ, but I don't think any of you are nuts for making the decisions you make.

And for what it's worth, granola as my decisions may come across, I'm the furthest thing from granola you'll ever meet. I cloth diaper because I'm cheap and I breastfeed because... well, I'm cheap, too. Free milk is a lot cheaper than not-free milk, the way I look at it. I don't recycle, or use paper bags, that's what landfills are for, right? :)

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