Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 on Tuesday (the Wednesday Edition)

No pictures today, sorry!

  1. Kevin, on his off day on Monday, went and got 1 ton of river rocks and shoveled them, ALL BY HIMSELF, into our flower beds....I think that he loves me!
  2. Mom's wedding was great. We had a good time!
  3. My MIL is throwing a taste of home party on Saturday. Feel free to check out her website and let me know if you want anything!
  4. We are keeping Mom's dog, Gabby the mini schnauzer, while they are at the beach. Nellie is enjoying the extra playmate, Ruby...not so much.
  5. OK, who's idea was it to move Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to next summer. I mean, good grief...I was really excited that it was FINALLY coming up and was counting on it to scare me into labor (hey, a girl can dream right?).


Candi said...

I know! Why the heck did they move it all the way till summer...I was soooo disappointed!

Brittni said...

I was bummed about the movie release date as well! And it still urks me some that they are splitting the 7th movie into two parts over two years...oh well!

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