Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My small attempt

Ok, after my Dad and Nonie died, I was obviously distraught. The only thing that made me feel better was thinking about how they, along with my Papa (my Mom's dad), were with mine and Kevin's future children and they were loving on them and getting them ready for their journey to us. I wrote a poem, with my limited 5th grade poetry skills, back in July of last year and saved it away on my flash drive for the time when we found out that our much anticipated little one would be making an appearance. I gave my Mom and some other family members a copy of it on Mother's Day. Well, I have decided to post it here as well since I have other family members that have contacted me saying that they have "heard about the poem" and wanted to see it. So, here it is, my feeble attempt at therapy/closure/grief-coping/trying to make sense of it all/all out love for my Dad, Nonie, and Papa.

  • In the Garden
  • The other day while playing on the Golden garden’s ground
  • A group of people passed and a fellow turned around
  • To me he looked familiar and I tried to find his name
  • He walked right over to me, our eyes they looked the same,
  • He asked me how I was doing and if I’d like to talk
  • His eyes they were still staring, watching like a hawk.
  • I began to stand and while I did, two others gathered round
  • I knew these people two somehow, our hearts together bound
  • I walked over to a bench, with my three new friends in tow
  • The first fellow, he was so handsome I prayed he’d never go
  • My two silver haired friends followed and sat beside me too
  • As we all sat close beside, my love for them just grew
  • The first fellow said to call him Tex and asked when I’d arrived
  • I told him I’d always been here, and by God, I was derived
  • God said I had a family but they weren’t ready yet
  • I was waiting for the day, out on an adventure I would set
  • One day a Three would find me and send me on my way.
  • I told them how I’d spent my nights, dreaming of that day
  • My second friend, he knelt and my third friend she was beside
  • They said that they’re my 3 guardians - their faces filled with pride
  • Tex said I look just like my Mom with the ringlets on my crown
  • Then he began to cry but twas no sign of frown
  • I wiped his tears on my snowy robe and touched his sweet, sweet face
  • And in that instant it occurred to me, he was early in this place
  • Tex scooped me up in his arms and turned to introduce
  • He said this is “Nonie” and your “Papa” they’re my heavenly duece
  • We three all loved you so, even before we met you here
  • I felt their love radiate – it was so pure and clear
  • They told me of my family and spoke of all of you
  • They said I’m a bit of each of them, for you to hold on to
  • Tex walked me to a door way and told me to prepare
  • That I had 9 earthly months to ready for my journey there
  • 9 months here it is just a flash and so I had to go
  • I had a lot of preparing for the journey to below
  • I am so very excited, I can’t wait to meet my family, you
  • My 3 friends all loved you so, and I’m sure that I will too
  • As I was leaving, Tex reached out and stroked my downy hair
  • He got down on my level and again in my eyes began to stare
  • He said for me to rest and work really hard to grow
  • Before I knew it, the months will be gone, and I’d have to go
  • He squeezed me tight and told me to pass that squeeze to you
  • Cause every embrace where I am involved, he is squeezing too.

So, there you have it, I am little nervous that you guys will think that it is silly...but oh, well! It made me feel better!

  • Ciao!


Candi said...

Lauren that was beautiful. You will have to frame this, or put this in a scrapbook for the baby bumblebee :)

KlancyA said...

Wow!! That is awesome! You brought tears to my eyes. :) I'm with Candy, you should frame it and put it in the nursery.

Colleen said...

I don't think it's silly at all and it's far, far beyond a 5th grade poetry level... ;) I'm glad it made you feel better and I hope it made your family feel better, too.

Moore Power 2 You said...

Chill bumps AGAIN, and this time a tear. So sweet, so perfect.
Your baby will treasure this forever!

Roz said...

So very very sweet. The little bumblebee is going to love it. Glad you were able to find comfort in such a memorable way!

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