Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 on Tuesday-on an actual Tuesday!

  1. My birthday is Sunday. This is my last birthday as a “non-Mom.” I am excited that next year, my birthday will be celebrated with a new, sweet little face in the pictures. HOORAY!
  2. We are having our families over for Sunday lunch for my birthday and then our friends over for dinner (and movies and a game of Clue…it is my birthday after all) Kevin hates board games, especially Clue but he plays it once a year for me…on my Birthday. Thanks Kev!
  3. We are gearing up for a combined yard sale with my in-laws…gotta make room for the Bee. We are selling one of our couches (we had 3 when we got married since we each had a house of our own…we have sold one already and now the blue whale is going to the yard sale and my cranberry Pottery Barn couch is rejoining the living room instead of staying banished to the “man room”) and I am excited.
  4. We want a recliner, but not a recliner that looks like a recliner. We found one and bought it at La-Z-Boy last week, but they called us yesterday and said that they didn’t offer the chair that we wanted in the fabric that we wanted. It was literally the ONLY fabric that I liked…crap…back to square one.
  5. I HATE furniture shopping, I am really picky, and so is Kevin…unfortunately not about the same things.
  6. Can’t find baby furniture that I like. All the stuff that I like is REALLY expensive. I do not want particle board furniture. Is it too much to ask for real wood furniture that doesn’t cost so much I have to sell plasma to pay for it?
  7. We are also searching for patio furniture. We have found what we want in that department, but just have to decide if we want to spend the $$.
  8. I miss hanging out with my friends. School has had me so busy, I haven’t had time.
  9. I miss my family as well! I am going to be in Decatur next weekend (6/14) for Sarah’s dance recital. I am excited to get to spend some time with the fam that is not overshadowed by me thinking how much I have to get done for school.
  10. I really need to post some pics to the ole’ blog. I will try to get that done this week.



Moore Power 2 You said...

Good bye Big Blue Whale, HELLLLOOOOOO Pottery Barn couch!

We too are hunting for a recliner. And an end table. Recliners just aren't pretty. They look too bubbly/1980'8-ish, & if they don't, they cost as much as a car! You aren't the only picky one!

Baby furniture is hard too, but just keep in mind by the time baby is 2, the crib (unless baby #2 is on the way) will be stored away, and you'll get to shop AGAIN for a big kid bed. :)

You think we tend to create things in our head, and then go looking for it in the store, and of course it doesn't exist because you created it, and you always go home pissed & empty handed. That's what I do.

Miss you!

Moore Power 2 You said...

Hey, I like your bumble bee window!

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