Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday (The Thursday Edition)

Not a lot going on around here. But I thought that I would do a 10 on Tuesday/Thursday anyway.

  1. Who ever created these mini-terms for school should be tied to a tree in their underwear.
  2. How is it that gaining 2lbs has caused all my formerly, saggy too big pants to begin to fit again?
  3. I have always been a sleeper, I can sleep any time, any where, but it has gotten WAAAAY worse lately. I mean seriously, who falls asleep at 8:00, sitting up on the couch?
  4. For the love of all that is holy...please God, send us cheaper barrels of oil. This whole $85 to fill up the Explorer is really putting a cramp on my social life.
  5. I think it should be mandatory that ALL maternity leave is paid. I mean really, 6-8 weeks with no pay...not fair!
  6. The bumblebee wants fruit, soft pretzels and hot fries (not together). Seriously, that is all that I care to eat.
  7. I know at least 7 other people that are due in December...Spring Fever??
  8. Thank the Lord for 3 day weekends!
  9. 17 days until my birthday.
  10. I don't have anything to say for #10.



Moore Power 2 You said...

Fruit pretzels and hot fries huh?
aren't those choices a little contradictory (Is that how you spell that?)to each other? Pregnancy!!! Gotta love it!

I hear you on the whole oil thing.
I'm thinking I need to carpool with someone to the grocery store 5 miles away. Geeeeez!

Candi said...

I hear ya on the oil prices...coming from someone who lives at least 15 minutes from a grocery store!
The fruit and soft pretzels sounds not so much on the hot fries :)

Colleen said...

Yum fruit pretzels and hot fries! All I wanted were margaritas. Then again, that's all I want NOW, too...

Did I ever mention getting on babycenter? They have birth boards for each month and the women there are great. There's about 25 that were due the same week that are still very, very good friends. And if you sign up for it, they'll send you weekly updates on what's going on with your baby. It's pretty cool...

Trice said...

Hmm. What wonderful taste buds we have. There is no othr way to say that you are PREGNANT!
It just seems as though while your pregnant you can't seem to get enough sleep.

Babycenter was a lifesaver. I looked forward to my weekly emails.

I looked back in my blog when I was complaining about gas being 2.41! It could go back to that and I would be happy.

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