Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, I got my grades for this semester. Not too bad, not really what I wanted, but not bad either. Only 2 MORE CLASSES! YAY!

  • E-Commerce: A
  • International Business: B
  • Marketing Strategy: B

My last 2 classes are this summer. One of them (Conflict Resolution) is a mini-term and will run for 2 weeks starting 05/13. This is good I guess because that means that I will only have 1 class of work for the summer, but it also means that 16 weeks of classes, homework and assignments will be crammed into 2 weeks. Not so fun, but at least it will pass quickly.



Candi said...

I did mini terms A LOT during undergrad and yes they suck but it was nice when it was over! I also pulled a lot of UNA's summer semesters that run June term and July term...16 weeks in 4 weeks...not much fact I'm pulling that in June...but like I said much better when it's over :) Good Luck...and congrats on the grades :)

KlancyA said...

Congrats on the grade and good luck on the coming classes!

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