Thursday, June 28, 2007

No new news

Hey guys! Well, it has officially been a week since Nonie left us and besides the crazy weekend I spent in Decatur, it has been relatively calm. We did have one interesting thing happen though! On Sunday, we were all following each other to Oneonta from Decatur. Well, Linda (my Dad's sister) and Charlie (her 11 y.o. son) were riding together in the 4th vehicle. We get about half way to Oneonta and my Dad's phone rings and Charlie says that we need to pull over. My Dad tells Charlie that there is a gas station about 5 minutes down the road and asks if he can wait until then. Charlie says that his Mom says that we need to pull over right then. So we all pull over and Kev and I wait in the backseat of the car. All of a sudden we see everyone flying out of their cars and running back toward Linda's car. Then we see Linda being assisted (read: almost carried) to her my Mom's car. She can barely walk, her face is all red and swollen up and her tounge is about 4xs it's normal size. Kev and I get out and go back to check on her and find out that she had been stung by a wasp and was having an allergic reaction to the sting. At this point we call 911 and wait for them to get there. Once they did get there, they gave her a shot of epinephrine and a shot of Benadryl and we continued on our way. Way to knock the edge off of a stressfull situation! I will update more later! Ciao!


Anonymous said...

OMG, Lauren!! That is a crazy story!! Your poor aunt! I hope she's ok. Wow, like y'all needed something else to worry about. Big hugs!


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