Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tate Farms

Get ready for a "Pumpkin-A-Palooza" for the next 3 posts.  Today, it is all about Tate Farms.  A few weekends ago, my Uncle Mark was in from Florida to visit.  We decided that we (Kevin, Mom, Tim, Mark, Linda and Charlie) would take Rory to the pumpkin patch.  My Mom and I took her last year, but Tim and the rest of the crew had never been.  It was a bit warm that day, but we had a great time!

Riding the tire swing horse.  Last year, she wouldn't touch these with a 10 foot pole.  This year...bring it on horsie!

Rory was riding on this thing with the other kids and none of them could figure out how to make it go around so my Mom jumped on.  Rory thought it was hilarious, the other kids...well they thought it was weird.  Way to go Lovie!

The stereotypical pumpkin house picture.  Did I mention it was slightly warm? 

The corn cribs.  Rory loves the idea of the corn crib, she likes jumping in and out, she is a daredevil.  However, as soon as a piece of corn got in her shoe...forget it, she was outta there!  She can not stand things getting in her shoe.  Our trips to the beach from the summer proved that piece of sand and we had a melt down on our hands.
Picking out her tiny pumpkin. She specifically requested a 'tiny pumpkin' and went through quite a few before finding her perfect one.  She would pick one up, look at it, and throw it over her shoulder "Nope, this is not it" and go to the next one. 
On the way out of the patch, Hollywood was wearing Lovie's glasses (because her great Mommy left hers in the car) and she sat on the pumpkin and said "Take my picture right here" and so I did. 

There are more pics than this, I guess I forgot to upload them all.  Oh well, I am at work and can't do it right now.  Maybe later...or maybe not!

Stay tuned for rounds 2 and 3 on pumpkins in the next 2 days.  I really do promise this time, I am scheduling them to post...for real!


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