Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Slacker

I have been slacking on the ole blog because I said in my last post that my next post would be more beach pics and quite frankly, I haven't had the patience to sit down and watermark them (which I try to do with any pic that shows R's face).  Well, I will post them eventually, but for now, here is just a random post.

First, a few "Roryisms"

She got a Snow White dress up dress the other night from Target.  I let her put it on before her bath, while we were unloading groceries.  She comes prancing in the kitchen:
R: Mommy, I am Snow White, have you seen the Second Drawers?
L: Second Drawers?....Do you mean Seven Dwarfs?
R: That is what I said "Second Drawers"
L: No, I haven't seen them.

At Emma's skating birthday party, Rory put on a pair of toddler skates (you know, the ones that go over the shoes).  She was having a blast!  It was time to go, so I told her we needed to leave
L: Rory, the party is over, lets go give them back the skates
R: No, I am not ready yet...I am weel-wee good at this skating.
L: You are really good at it, but it is time to go
R: But I like it...I put my skates on and I say 'WOOOOOO' (high pitched squeel)

She is MAJOR into pretending.  Lately, she talks about getting married, all the time.  Kevin is SO not thrilled about the shift in conversation.
R: When I grow big, I am going to wear my marry dress and marry Daddy.
L: You can't marry Daddy, I am already married to him.
R: But I love him, I want to marry him.
L: He loves you too, but you will have to find your own boy to marry.
R: One day, I will find my boy that God has for me and we will be married.
L: Yes, that is true
Kev: Stop talking about this Rory, you can't date until you are 35.
R: I am almost 3
K: We know.

After measuring her waist and ankle for some pants that I made her, she wanted to measure me.
R: Let me see your foot Mommy
(Hold up my foot)
R: Hmm...16.  Let me measure your leg
(she uses the measuring tape to my knee)
R: Just what I thought...30-10.  Let me measure your bottom.
(she runs behind me)
R: Wow Mommy...60-2-11....Wow, that is big.
L: Thanks for the vote of confidence Rory
R: Sure Mommy, no prob-um
Other news.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching.  Wow, like really fast.  I have got to get on the party planning for Rory's Birthday, and fast!  I have the theme and location, but I haven't taken pics for the invites or done anything of the planning variety...gotta get on that.

Rory wants to be a pink Jessie (aka Cowgirl) for Halloween.  I bought cheapo jeans at a consignment sale because she doesn't own jeans, and wont for as long as I can hold off on them, and am attaching cow print to them to make chaps. I also bought at the consignment sale a white button down boys shirt and I painted it similar to Jessies' from Toy story. I am not sure I like the shirt because it is SO stiff from the paint on the shoulders, so she may wind up in an appliqued shirt with it, we will see.  So far, so good.  Her pink boots and hat will be super cute with it. 

We contemplated taking Rory to see the Rockettes Christmas show in Nashville this year...then we found out that it is $80/person for all 3 of us.  I don't think that I can stomach paying $80 for Rory to have a seat, when she is going to be in our laps anyway, besides the fact that I think that $80 per person for both Kev and I is a bit steep too! Unless we can find discount tickets...not happening.  YouTube, here we come!

Glad that it is cooling off outside.  Rory has a lot of cute fall clothes that I am excited for her to wear...bring it on Mother Nature!  Rory is bringing all these Fall themed things home from school and I am LOVING it!  They are going to the pumpkin patch later this month and we had to send 3 T-Shirts to school for projects over the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.  Can't wait to see what my little Monet comes up with!

Speaking of school...Rory is LOVING IT!  As in, begs every day to go.  She has made a lot of friends and when asked who her friends are, she names off a bunch of girls.  I asked her if she had any friends that are boys...she said "No, boys are gwoss."  Kevin started clapping.  Her teachers did say that she plays on the playground with all the boys, jumping off stuff and climbing and stuff...doesn't surprise me. Thrilled with her preschool and THRILLED that she is loving it!


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