Saturday, November 5, 2011


We trick or treat with our babysitter and her family in their neighboorhood.  This year, S was a devil and D was a vampire.  If you asked Rory what they were, she would tell you "Nanna is a fairy and D is a bampire, but he just drinks red juice, he won't really bite."  We got a few pics when it was still day light.  Thankfully.
Here, Rory is not so sure about D.  She is giving him the shifty eye in the pic.  The next two are not the greatest pics, but I think that her expression is funny, so I included it.  Once she got used to him in the costume, it didn't bother her, but at first...she wasn't so sure.
See what I mean?  We were cracking up at her looking at D like "Alright buddy, I am not so sure about you!"

 This is Kev's boss and our sitter's Dad.  He is pretty crazy about Rory and since Kevin was working and it wound up being on a day that he had off, he went trick or treating with  us.  As the evening wore on, he wound up carrying Rory on his shoulders part of the way since she didn't want to ride in the stroller, but didn't want to walk either.
My little Jessie, always on the move.  I made her costume from a shirt and jeans that I picked up at the consignment sale for her school for $5 total.  I split the inseams of the jeans, cut out a chaps-like shape and sewed it into the inseam and then added felt fringe and made loops on the pants at the top to hold her belt.  I took a boy's button down shirt and painted it to look like a western shirt.  She looked pretty cute and it was a CHEAP costume.  I think I had $10 in it total counting the cow print fabric that I made the chaps out of.  Kevin bought her a real western belt with her name on it at the Fiddlers Convention in Athens.  I didn't figure it in to the price of the costume since she can for sure wear it again.
She is trying to pose like Nanna was.  Oh goodness Rory... I am not ready for the sassy teenager poses yet!
Now, the actual Trick or Treating.  I didn't realize that she was flipping us off until I uploaded this picture to the blog.  Haha!  Funny!
Two of S's friends came over to ToT with us.  Rory was excited that there was another cowgirl.  She made sure that teenage cowgirl knew that "there is only one pink Jessie."

Rory and Nanna.  I took a bag to dump her candy in every few houses since I knew that the bucket would get heavy and I knew that she would be leaving candy Hansel and Gretl style on our trail. 
The first house after I had emptied the bucket, she told the person that was handing out candy "Thank you, but that is not near bucket is still empty."  We laughed and I assured her that there were more houses to fill up her bucket.
See...shoulder ride...told ya!  It was a life saver.  Bless her heart.  I brought her sneakers with us in case she got tired of clomping around in boots, but she wouldn't take them off even though she told me that her feet were "super tired."  I had the stroller for her to ride in, and she did some, but once Mr. G offered to let her ride on his shoulders, the stroller was quickly forgotten.
Flying.  She was high up, Mr. G is about 6'4"
We got back to their house and Rory was really disappointed that we were done.  She said we could go eat 5 candies and then we can go again.  She had a blast and it was nice for her to have some other people to ToT with.  My little Jessie really russelled up some good candy. ;)


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