Saturday, November 5, 2011

School Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Patch

So, I know that I mentioned that Rory is going to MDO 2 days a week from 9-1.  This has been SUCH a great thing for her.  She LOVES it and her teachers are just great.  Last week, they went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday and then had a Halloween parade and party on Thursday.  I am combining both events into one post since they are both school. 

These pics are WAAAY out of order, but for whatever reason, blogger won't let me rearrange them, so whatever.

After the kiddos got their pumpkins from the patch (aka the lawn of a local church that had been inundated with pumpkins), we tried to get a pic of them all together.  The Mamarazzi were all waiting, but of course, a bunch of 2 and barely 3 year olds were not that cooperative.

They made these shirts and were all supposed to wear them to the patch.  M (on the end) is a 5 day a weeker so she was coming back to the pumpkin patch the next day with the MWF group, so she didn't wear hers.  They were made from their hand prints and were really cute.  I couldn't find a 3 pack of shirts in Rory's size, so hers looked kinda like a dress.  Whatever, it was cute and she loves wearing it around the house.The little dark haired boy next to Rory is who she says that she is going to marry.  Oh we go!
This is before the patch.  We were all waiting in the sanctuary of the church and "Farmer Ben" came in to read a story about Halloween and pumpkins.  Here are a few of the kiddos.  Rory's 'Bes Fwend' A.L. is the little girl in the shorts with the big brown and orange hair bow.  She and Rory hit it off the first day and have been pretty inseparable since then. 
Farmer Ben
Snack time, before picking their pumpkins.  Rory and A.L. again.  Told ya, they are joined at the hip and from what their teachers tell us, they are quite the gruesome twosome. 
Back out to the patch.  Rory was really confused about why there wasn't a hayride or any slides or play equipment available.
"I got one!"
OK, so now the Halloween parade.  Rory was a "pink Jessie" from Toy Story for Halloween.  I made her costume and it was really cute (as you will see tomorrow in the Halloween post) but I knew that it would get filthy and since I made the fringe on the chaps out of felt, I knew that it would not wash that great, so I whipped up this little outfit for her school Halloween day and also, to wear to our nephew's Bday party at the playground on Saturday.  She was happy with it and could have cared less which one she wore, as long as she got to wear the pink boots.
The Spiderman with the mask on is Rory's self determined future spouse.You notice that they are standing together. 
Well, that is it for today.  Tune in tomorrow for the final pumpkin related post...Halloween!


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