Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conversations with Rory

A few snippets from the last week or two.

Getting in car
R: I get in the car and we go shopping
L: Well, OK, where do you want to go shopping?
R: Want to go to Target and get Daddy some Hunna-pants
L: Well alright then.
R: Mommy, did you make a mess in your room?
L: No, I didn't make a mess in my room.  Rory, did you make a mess in your room?
R: No...that's not nice to make a big mess with your books in the floor.
L: You are correct, but if you didn't make a mess in your room with the books, who did?
R: Nellie
L: Are you sure you didn't do it?
R: Rory made the mess, Nellie likes to read the books.
L: Rory, it is time to get your bath, lets go get your clothes off.
R: OK...Mommy you get this diapa off-a-me..(struggling with the diaper, trying to pull them down like underwear)
L: Here let me help you...
R: Fanks (thanks) Mommy...I gotta show Daddy Rory's nudie boodie. (runs naked into the living room)
R: Hey Cap'n Mommy
L: Hey Cap'n Rory
R: Ahoy my heart-please
L: Ahoy me hardies to you too Rory
R: Mommy...I am a pie-wrap (pirate) from Nebba-Nebba hand (Never Never Land)


phat girls usa said...

aww i wanna be a pie-wrap from Nebba-Nebba hand too!

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