Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Checking in and more Conversations with Rory.

Not a whole lot to report.  We enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend and Rory and I played outside a good bit.  Sunday, Rory and I went to the ballpark to watch Davis's practice.  Rory ran around the ball park and played in the dirt...she had a great time!

Davis wanted to pull Rory in the wagon back home, and of course Brock had to ride as well. 
See those sunglasses Rory is wearing?  The dollar isle at Target had a whole bunch of kid's sunglasses.  Rory picked these out and LOVES them.  The Easter Bunny might have picked up another pair as well ;).

This was a conversation that we had last night after R's bath, while trying to get her clothes on.

R: Where is Daddy?
L: He is in the Living Room, waiting for you.
R: Daddy is in the Wiving Woom, putting away the gwo-cer-wa-wer-wees. (groceries, for those that couldn't understand 'Southern Toddler lingo)
L: He is?  Well, I think that the groceries go in the kitchen
R: Daddy has ta put them fridge-da-mater.

The other weekend, while we were in Decatur, Rory comes walking out of Mom and Tim's office with pens in her hand...
R: Mommy, we don't write on Gee's wall...noooo, that is not very nice
L: Rory did you write on Gee's wall (I am about to have a heart attack at this point)
R: Nooo...that is naughty, pens are for de paper
(PS.  I checked, didn't see any, but whew, that gave me a scare)

At Davis's ball practice on Sunday...after hearing the coach tell one of the players to 'Run through the bag' at first base after getting a hit Rory yelled the next 3 players, loudly and repeatedly, no matter what they were doing to "Run fru da hag."


Nichole said...

Such a cutie! :o)

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