Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Shutterfly Christmas Cards!

OK, so yesterday, I found a link that said that if you have a blog and blog about Shutterfly Christmas cards, you can get 50 FREE! Ok, I am game! With Rory’s Birthday right before Christmas, not having to pay for Christmas cards, sounds great!

Soo…I log on and start browsing through them. Holy cow! These aren’t ya’ Mama’s photo Christmas cards! I LOVE this one. I really like that they are not just the rectangle photo card, but an actual folded card. I have one picked out for our Christmas card, but I am not showing you…yet!  Now, I just have to get a good picture.  Yeah...OK, so not so easy.

They also have Christmas Party invites and, this is super cool, GIFT TAGS. How sad is that? I get pumped about not having to fill out all those stupid tags…From: The Humphreys, From: Lauren Kevin and Rory, From: Kevin Lauren and Rory, From: Rory and her financial backers. Seriously, I think I might order some of these!

OK, so if you want to get your OWN free 50 Christmas cards click HERE and follow the directions. I did!  That was the easy picking the card and getting just the right photo...Oh, good grief...well, maybe by Valentine's Day I will have it all done.


Rachel Bice May said...

Thank you for sharing this!!! I have been an avid Shutterfly user for years and have not seen such an awesome deal from them before. Quick question, how long did it take for your email and codes to come in to get the free christmas cards?

Tales of a Peanut said...

Great info about shutterfly! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We do have a lot in common! About to add you to my reader so I can keep up!

Lauren said...

It took them about 2 business days to get me my code. I did the post on Thursday night and submitted it then, I got my code on Monday morning.

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