Tuesday, October 12, 2010

22 Months - 10 on Tuesday

I am apologizing in advance, these pics are going to be terrible quality.  I forgot to email them to myself here at work, so I copied and pasted them from the W@lgreens photo site and put the (c) on in paint here at work...it will have to do.

22 Months...as in almost 2 years old.   I can't believe it!  What a joy she has been, especially recently.

We took her to the pumpkin patch this weekend and she had a blast (except for the horse, NOT a fan).  We really enjoyed watching her too! I will try to get some of those pics up this week.

At 22 Months:

1.  Knows her ABCs, and recognizes a lot of the letters
2.  Will spell her name for you, even if you don't ask her too. ("R-O-R-Y dat spwels Rory")
3.  Will count things up to 20.  If there are more than 20, she just starts back over at 1.
4.  Is obsessed with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, 'My Zowski' aka (Mike Wasowski) from Monsters, Inc.
5.  Knows her right from her left
6.  Is carrying on little mini conversations, like this one we had on Saturday (while I changed her diaper):
  • R: I need my pacie
  • L: You don't need a pacie, Rory
  • R:  I don needa pacie, Ima big girl
  • L: Yes, you are a big girl
  • R: I need my brush and cone
  • (I had put them behind the wipes box when I laid her down, to attempt to hide them from her since I don't let her play with her sterling silver brush and comb)
  • L: I don't know where your brush and comb are.
  • R: I know day are, Mommy.
  • L: You do?
  • R: Day right in hind my wipees (sits up, moves the wipes, gets the brush and comb)
  • R: I foun um Mommy
  • L: Yes, Rory, you found them...how exciting.
  • R: It Uh-mazin (Amazing)
7.  Refers to herself, and other people, as her nicknames.  "Hey Shugga Pwume" (Hey Sugar Plum), "Rory a Tiny-Guurl" (I still call her Tiny Girl), "I a Doll-Baby" (what Mom and Tim call her), "Hey Punkin Bwef" (Pumpkin Breath...don't ask me, ask Kevin) 
8.  Still takes her blanket, whom she calls 'Sweet Pea', and at least one other object to bed.  Sometimes, she takes a book to bed, and will open it up to one of the pages and lay her head on it and go to sleep.  When I go in to turn off her lamp before I go to bed, I have to sneak it out from under her.  Lately, it has been her Belle doll, and Goofy.
9.  Sings Ring around the Roses and wants you to get in the floor and "Fall down" so that she can laugh at you.
10.  Says her whole name, and it is too cute, "Rory Meh-dif Humfee."  Good thing her first name is not that hard, Meredith and Humphrey are going to take some practice!

Well, that is it for the 22 month post. 

Today, you are 22 months.  It is so strange, 22 months seems, in some respects, like such a long time and at the same time, not that long at all.  Daddy and I were talking last night, about what a big girl you are and what a funny little personality you have.  It doesn't seem that long ago, that you were still a tiny, tiny baby. At night, when I get you out of the tub and wrap you up in your towel and sing 'Buntin,' I try to sing as slow as possible, since I know that this is the ONLY time of the day, that you will let me cuddle you up like a little baby.  You are growing so fast, and are such a clever girl.  Daddy and I couldn't me more proud of you if we tried. 

The other night, before I went to bed, I went in to turn off your lamp, just like usual.  I stopped by your crib and brushed the hair from your eyes and laid my hand on your gently rising back and I thanked God for every little thing about you.  I stood there and prayed over you.  I prayed that Daddy and I will be good examples of Christ for you, I prayed that He will place a hedge of protection around you and keep you safe and healthy, I prayed that He will show your Daddy and I how to parent you so that you will be a strong, noble, child of God, I prayed that he will hold you in the palm of His hand.  I thanked him for the gift that you are.  We prayed many a night together that we would be given a chance to be parents.  Daddy and I both thank Him every night for the gift of you.

Rory, I want you to know something.  I have wanted to be a mother since even before I can remember.  I used to play with my dolls and would try with all my might to imagine what it would feel like to have a little girl of my very own.  Never, in my most persistent wishes, could I have imagined what you would be like.  You are the most splendid thing I have ever known, and I thank God for every second that we spend together.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for you my sweet girl. 

You will always be my Baby Rory, my sweet Tiny Girl.
All my Love,


Colleen said...

She looks so big in that first picture! You know, i really didn't realize our girls were that close together until the other day, I didn't remember being pregnant when you had Rory. I guess I was though. :)

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