Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Pumpkins...Oh My!

Get ready...there are a lot of pictures in this one!  Kevin and I took Rory to the pumpkin patch and then when we were in Decatur the other weekend, Mom and I took her to Tate Farms.  These are all Tate Farms pictures, I forgot that I had not put the other ones on the blog, I will have to do that later.
The Corn Crib...a BIG hit. "Mommy make-a-mess" she thought it was a lot of fun!

Last Monday, Kev's Mom and Dad (BeBe and PoP if you ask Rory) wanted to take Rory to the Birmingham Zoo.  We all met at Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then went over to check it out. 
"Mommy, did you see that Sea Lion?"

Rory and Kev checking out the monkeys.
I felt bad for this guy.  He just sat there like this for a long time, looking around.  His friend was in the cave, sleeping.

Difficult to see, but 2 bald eagles with their nest.
Kevin says "War Eagle"
Sea Otters.  They are my favorite...they are so cute!
This is Rory, sacked out at the Birmingham Southern Football game.  She was wiped out by the time that we got to the game.  We walked around campus for a while and then went to the game.  After walking around campus and then playing in the bounce house, before the game started, she was exhausted.  She was asleep before the 1st quarter was even half over.  (These are out of order, obviously!)
These are our pumpkins this year.  I decorated ours, and then gave Rory the paint pens, and let her decorate hers.  She had fun and they look so cute sitting outside!
Rory's Pumpkin
Our Pumpkin.
When we were in Decatur (the same weekend that we took Rory to Tate Farms), Mom pulled out the scarecrow metal thingies to put in their pumpkin so that Rory could help put it together.  Clearly, she was more interested in climbing on the table.  I forgot to upload a pic of the finished product.  Sorry!
Well, that is it for now...Happy Halloween week!


Candi said...

Love the shirt! :) You reminded me I don't think I ever posted my Tate Farm pictures or our day at the zoo pictures. I'll have to check.

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