Monday, October 25, 2010

10 On Tuesday - A day early

  1. Rory, Mom, Tim and I all went to the Birmingham-Southern homecoming game on Saturday.  We had a good time and it was SO good to be back on the Hilltop again. 
  2. I just turned Rory's car seat from Rear to Forward facing.  We are extended rear facing folks.  We waited until the last possible minute to turn her, but considering when I weighed her yesterday and she was at the rear facing maximum, I figured the time had come.
  3. I admit that I feel a bit guilty that I had to turn her around.  I wish that we could have rear faced for another year or so.  I know that she is SO much safer rear I a bad parent by turning her? UPDATE: I just realized that I turned her early...the weight limit is 33lbs, not the question is, do I turn her back rear facing or just leave her forward?
  4. Halloween is this weekend and I can't WAIT to dress Miss Priss up.  She is going to be SO CUTE!
  5. It is almost November, CRAZY!  Where has this year gone?
  6. I really want to do some rearranging in my living room.  Kevin is resistant...we will see how long it takes me to convince him.
  7. Santa delivered Rory's kitchen for us to hold for him until Christmas.  Santa, if you are reading this, I am having trouble not putting it together and bringing it into the house...just for the record.
  8. Brock's birthday party is Saturday morning.  He is turning 5 tomorrow.  I can hardly believe it. 
  9. I am really missing my Dad these days.  Being at 'Southern this past weekend made me miss him even more.  As we would walk parts of the campus, I would have memories of being in that spot with him.  I just miss him.
  10. I made Rory a shirt that she wore this past weekend to the game.  It said "BSC class of 2031."  I got A LOT of complements on it.  It was really cute.  I will try to get pics up soon!


Candi said...

Girl you aren't a bad momma for having to turn her around. Unfortunately you car seat has a limit and that limit has been reached. It's okay. But I know it's hard. I'm leaving Aubrey rear facing for right now. I'd like to leave her till the limit of 35lbs on her car we'll see.
Please post pictures of that shirt! Sounds too cute. Class of 2031 just sounds so far away but I know it goes by fast!

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