Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 on Tuesday - of sorts

Our computer is broken, it won't stay on, just gives us the "blue screen of death."  I am taking it to my Bro-in-Law today so that he can, hopefully, fix it. Thank God that I backed all the important stuff up on the external hard drive about 3 weeks ago.  So...no pics today, just a little update on the House-O-Humphrey.

  1. Mom and Tim came down this weekend and watched Rory so that Kevin and I could clean out the garage.  Whew...I am still sore!
  2. Preparing for New Orleans in November for my Bestie Allison's wedding in November, Thanksgiving, Rory's 2nd birthday and Christmas in December.  This next weekend is our only free weekend for the next 6, then we have a 1 week break and don't have another break in weekend plans until after Christmas.  I am glad though, I wouldn't have it any other way!  We are loved so well, that is why we are so busy.
  3. I had a bit of a health scare in September.  I was still having hives and so I went to a dermatologist at the Kirklin Clinic and he ran all sorts of scary tests (Lupus, C@ncer, Leukemi@, tumor markers, etc).  The Lupus test came back borderline, so I had more lab work done.  Praise God, those tests all came out fine. 
  4. Rory has started to recognize both her emotions, and those of others, and feelings recently.  In the last few days we have heard the following phrases about 499 time
      1. "I not skehd" (I'm not scared)
      2. "Belle is sad" (Belle, as in  her Beauty and the Beast doll)
      3. "Daddy/Mommy not sad" (We tell her we are sad when she acts up)
      4. "I ky-ing" (I'm crying...you know, that no tears, fake cry)
      5. "Rory isa happy gurl"
      6. "Rory isa big gurl"
      7. "Wanna take a nap" or more commonly, "Wanna go-da bed"
  5. Rory has also gotten into coloring lately.  She calls it "Culla Culla."  To say that she is obsessed is an understatement.  Rory knows her basic shapes (circle, square, oval, triangle, heart) and her basic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, pink) and she will drive you crazy with requests for you to "Culla Culla" a red square or a "geen" circle.  She tries so hard to draw them herself.
  6. The Rory Bee is really starting to take off.  It is a lot of fun and I have enjoyed making stuff for other people, and of course Rory too!
  7. Rory is getting a Kitchen and a TON of accessories for Christmas.  Santa is going a little crazy finding stuff to go in it.  Good thing Santa has all those elves...this stuff might be getting expensive...you know, if he actually had to PAY for it.
  8. I am in the final stages of narrowing the party theme down for Rory's Birthday.  I can't believe that my tiny baby is almost 2.  It didn't think that it was possible, but the 2nd year went by faster than the first.
  9. We started looking into preschool and Mother's Day Out programs.  Wow, a lot of choices and A LOT of good programs.  Rory is going to love it.  She LOVES Gymboree (to the point that she asks to "Go-da Gymbo-wee" and sings the songs constantly, so I know that she will just love being with other kiddos and doing fun stuff.
  10. It has been beautiful out lately.  I think that I am going to take Rory to the park on Saturday and let her play.  She always enjoys being outside and I enjoy watching her explore and discover God's creation.  
Well, that is it for now, hopefully, I will be back with new pics soon!  Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys this wonderful, Fall weather!


Candi said...

I'm glad your tests came back all clear. Did they ever find out why you were keeping the hives so long?

We are getting that exact kitchen for Aubrey for Christmas as well. I ordered it last week. We were going to wait until she turned 2 next October but her physical therapist office has a play kitchen and it's the first thing she goes to every time we go. And she loves playing with it. Her therapist said that she thinks it will encourage her on the standing and walking, so that made our decision easy.

Lauren said...

Nope, never figured it out!!! I am STILL on crazy high amounts of antihistimines.

JUst glad that I am not itching all the time now!

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