Friday, May 14, 2010

Mom Survey Version 2.0

I said that I would retake this survey last year and I am a bit late, but whatever, I don't think that my answers have changed much in the 12 days since it became past due. :)

  1. How old is your child/children? 17 months
  2. Girl(s) or Boy(s)? Girl
  3. Bottle fed or Breast fed? Bottle
  4. Are there more children in your future? Probably, can't say exactly when, but more than likely.
  5. Do you stay at home with your kid(s)? Nope, Kevin is home until 2 and then we have a sitter until I get home around 5 on Wednesday through Friday and he is off and home with her on Monday and Tuesday. Works out well
  6. Bedtime (kids...not you!): 8:00p in the bed, asleep or not, but she is usually asleep within 3 minutes of being put in the crib.
  7. Where do your kids go to school/daycare? No where right now. We will put her in playschool 1-2 days a week in about a year or so.
  8. Do you like their school/daycare? Yep, she loves her Daddy too!
  9. Would you ever homeschool? NOPE! I know that some people do it and really like it but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that homeschooling Rory would be doing a serious disservice to her. Beyond the "reading, writing and arithmetic" and social implications to school, there are far too many other positive things that school teaches kids. Mainly, how to adequately function in society, schedules, deadlines, goals and expectations are a part of life, like it or not.
  10. Is college important...will you insist that your child go? Yep, she has to go some where, and get a degree in something. A degree in something is better than no degree at all. By the time that Rory is in college, she will probably have to have a graduate degree to be competitive, so yes, it is in her best interest.
  11. Favorite time of the day: After bath, sitting on the couch drinking her milk getting ready for bed.
  12. Favorite foods: Blueberries, Strawberries, cheese (Or as Rory says: Boo-Bear, Saw-Bear and Sheese)
  13. Kid's favorite happy meal: She has only ever had Chick Fil A nuggets so I guess that is her favorite, but only if you give her Polynesian sauce.
  14. Do you eat organic? Not all the time, we do buy organic when we can.
  15. Does your child have a security item? Not really, but she does love her pacies.
  16. Thumb sucker or Pacie Baby? Pacie baby.
  17. Any extra curricular activities? Nope, just running around the house at this point.
  18. Does your child have any nicknames? Tiny Girl, Sweet Pea, Little Bear, Sugar Plum
  19. Do your children share a room or have their own? She has her own.
  20. Discipline: Time out or Spank? Well neither really right now since she doesn't really get either. We have spanked her hand once or twice, but only for things that would hurt her. Right now, we tend to do more diversion to something else than anything else.
Most of my answers haven't changed at all...interesting. I guess that is good?!? Well, have a good weekend everyone!
Edited to add: Great stuff going on in the comments, I will address #9 more at a later date...I would like to say that I have addressed homeschooling as it relates to OUR family and MY opinions on MY blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone does what they feel is right for their family. It is interesting to me that it is ok for Homeschoolers (some not all) to spout their superiority to public schoolers, but it is not OK for Public Schoolers to express their opinions as well or at the very least defend their choice of not to homeschool. Interesting!


Gretta said...

love your survey & answers but I totally disagree with #9...everyone has the right to make their own choices for their children's education and homeschooling is not a "disservice" to the child. I blogged about this here:

Just remember, we as homeschoolers respect your choice to raise your child in a public school and would appreciate the same courtesy in return.

Britney said...

Lauren, I am surprised you are still being so negative on homeschooling. I think that homeschoolers are even more intelligent and socialized than public schoolers. Then again, everyone has opinions.

Lauren said...

I would like to point out that I said that HOmeschooling would be doing a disservice to RORY...not anyone else's child. Everyone has the right to do what they feel is best for their own child, but just as you have asked me to respect your choice in homeschooling, I would ask for the same courtesy and ask that you respect my choice not to homeschool.

I find it interesting that it is OK for homeschoolers to rant and rave about homeschooling on their blogs and talk about all the negatives of other schooling options but "public schoolers" are not allowed to post with the same freedom. Interesting...very interesting.

The Wacky Lackeys said...

I completely respect your choice not to homeschool. I hope you are very happy with the school Rory will attend.
You're right, I do rave about homeschooling on my blog because it's the right choice for our family and we absolutely love it. I do not recall ever speaking negatively about the children who attend public schools or their ability to cope in society. However, all of your answers regarding homeschooling are very negative.
I think what Britney and I are saying is that it would have been nicer for you to answer with a simple "No, we do not plan to homeschool our daughter" instead of telling us that our children are unsocialized, have no idea how to handle schedules or deadlines, or how to adequately function in society. So if you're surprised that we as homeschoolers took offense to is indeed interesting.

Candi said...

I agree with Lauren...It is great for some children, just like public or private school are the best for other children.

To be honest and what I get from this is that most homeschooled children do not have a set schedule, hence the comment about them not following schedules and timetables. Jobs do not work like that. My husband has to be at work at you think that if he showed up whenever he wanted to he'd have a job for long? Public and private schools teach kids that things have to be done in a certain amount of time...not when they get to it, feel like it, or just randomly. Kids do not know what's best for them, that's why we as parents have to teach them that. That does not mean my child will not have choices but if you just let your children decide everything that is best for them you have a 5 year old who refuses any food but ice cream and won't go to bed, and who rules your house. Simple as that.

Now I will touch on the socialization part. I am aware that homeschooler's have support networks...great! I'm glad they get outlets to interact with other homeschooled students. Now my question is and this is an honest question not a smart remark, how do they learn to handle conflict? How do they learn to understand that people are going to not always agree with your way? How do they learn constructive criticism? Cause that is also things they have to deal with in life.

My next issue is the fact that "most" homeschool teachers are not properly trained. I have a bachelors in elementary education, and I am 4 classes away from having my masters. I have been through so much training and classes and clinicals and real world experience. This took me more time than just some training classes and a few months. So forgive me but I have to doubt the ability of most moms who homeschool, unless they are former teachers. I'm not trying to be mean, but it is a serious concern of mine. Not just anyone can teach, and teaching is not an easy job.

She has disclaimed repeatedly that this is what she feels is best for Rory, and she was not throwing off on homeschool, she just simply means it is not for her.

Now I will say I am offended by Britney's comment on that a homeshooler is more intelligent than a public schooler. That is not a fair insinuation...your level of intelligence doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how or where you were schooled...I know people who have master degrees that I would not consider intelligent.

Simply put Lauren stated HER opinion on HER blog. If you were asked would you homeschool your child, would you simply say yes and leave it? I highly doubt it. You'd more than likely tell why you choose to homeschool your child. So why should Lauren have to simply say No I will not homeschool my child and leave it at that? Especially on HER blog.

And not that my opinion matters but I will not homeschool my daughter either...pretty much for the same reasons as Lauren. I know my daughter is going to have to have a college education, and more than likely a graduate degree to make it in the world (she is 7 months now) so yeah I want her to have the best education possible. Do I think this makes me better than ya'll? No. Ya'll do what you want for your child and Lauren and I will do what we want with ours...should be fair enough.

I think homeschool is one of the hot button topics like religion and politics. You are fine with people discussing it as long as it agrees with your viewpoint. But if someone disagrees then all hell breaks loose.

KlancyA said...

I'm right there with you on number 9 Lauren! I received a public school education and have a successful career. One of the biggest things (for me) about public education is that the kids that want to learn, learn despite what's going on around them. Ya occasionally you'll get a crappy teacher, but for the most part those teachers are there to see your child reach their full potentional.

I don't doubt homeshooling works in very specific instances, but I think it's becoming entirely too mainstream. I've got a co-worker that had to pull his child out of public school because he is so intellegent that he was bored, things like that I understand, but not even giving you're child a chance to thrive in society is a detriment in my book. That's just my two cents.

Meghan said...

I could never homeschool my children. I do not feel that I have been trained properly nor do I have the knowledge to teach them all that they should know. I do see how schedules seems to be the plus to a homeschool family. However, the relaxed nature may not be good for many kids. Steven, diagnosed with ADHD at 4, would never make it. He relies on schedules and the routine of the school system. If I had my choice we would have him in private school. I have waited too long to start him now without him having to repeat a grade. He is an okay student that would not be able to keep up if the education was accelerated, as in private schools. You guys know that I left Austin in 9th grade to go to Randolph. After seeing the difference in schools, I have some issues with public schools. However, Steven is in that system. You do find more teachers that just simply do not care and they are collecting a paycheck. The level of communication is almost nill. I just seem to remember my parents knowing everything and if something was not turned in or had a bad grade or even detention, they knew and the teachers had called them. Just because some parents do not care doesn't mean they all do! On the other hand, I will never forget Kendrix Deloney! He was a bully and something that I had to learn to deal with. Something that kids wouldn't have to deal with too much in homeschooling. BUT I learned to deal with it and as adults we will have to. I have Bryce at Primrose and hope to continue a private education for him. I don't think anyone has the answers and Lauren was only saying that she is not up for homeschooling!

Lauren said...

this is kitty
i dont see where everyone is getting pissed about this #9 thing. i dont see where lauren is attacking or disrespecting homeschoolers at all. i see her voicing her opinion and thats it. so maybe big girl panties are in order here and chips need not be on so many shoulders.
p.s. this is kitty

Brandi said...

Very interesting thread.....I received an email link to your post (through a homeschooler who follows your blog) and although I disagree with #9, i enjoyed your survey and your blog in general.

My children are currently in the public school system, but we will begin our first year of homeschool this fall. ALOT of debate and prayer went into making this decision, and I have absolutely no doubt that this is what our family should be doing. I thought you explained your decision regarding your daughter clearly and did not take anything offensive out of it. I am sure the school you place her in will be wonderful and she will enjoy it!

I did have concern over some of the comments left though. I do understand that everyone has left their opinion, but I just wanted to point out some things. My children are heavily involved in activities that do not involve a homeschool support group. Scouts for both, cheerleading, dance, sports, church and lots of neighborhood friends. There are lots of things to do with your children, and I think there are a lot of us that homeschool that do not just "hang out" with other homeschoolers. We love our group that we are involved with, but we have lots of other people that we do life with. I personally feel that children get the bulk of their socialization OUTSIDE of school hours. How much socializing can really be done in a 6-8 hour day, with lots of kids their exact same age with usually 1-2 adults, and limited talking? Just saying :)

With regard to no training or not being qualified to teach our children, you would be amazed (as I was) at all the resources out their for homeschoolers. Parents are not without support and resources and are more than capable of teaching their children with everything that is offered to them. There are companies that offer support and even online schooling with a support group. The possibilities are endless. And when you have such a desire in your heart to do it, then I believe that is half the battle. Now this is just my opinion and I do not mean any offense by saying this, but I think there are a few teachers out there who do have their degrees, have gone through all the training, but still do not teach well. If a parent has a passion to educate their child, uses the resources available to them wisely and seeks help when they need it, they can teach just as well as anyone else can.

Last but not least, you would be surprised at the schedules that homeschoolers keep in their home. We have a set schedule and my kids will have to complete work by a certain time. My son is ADD and needs the set routine. I also have to have a set day, it makes me much happier! But not only will my children be learning how to be responsible in the school work, but also how to be a responsible member of our family. Of course, any family regardless of where you go to school can do this. I am just saying that we do have this scheduled into our day as well. So the debate over schedules, deadlines and responsibility does not really hold up.

Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to post some things out there. I think healthy debate, whether it be over this topic or any other, is great.

Lauren said...

Great comment! Glad that you enjoyed the blog. I agree with what you are saying and I do think that HS is for some people; and that is fine. I guess the majority of my doubt is really more toward the 'unschool' faction. I also agree with you, it is very important for HS to associate with other people besides just their Homeschool comrades.
Great comment, you are welcome back anytime, thanks!

Michelle said...

How your child receives her education is up to you as a parent--I personally homeschool, but know that I would not be in the place I am today if I had not been public schooled. Public school was totally the right fit for my family when I was growing up--given our circumstances, our location, and all of our personalities (mom and I locked heads constantly!).

At this time, we believe that given our location and our circumstances and personalities that right now homeschool is a good fit. It might change since we are military depending on our location, circumstances, and personalities as our littles get bigger and develop stronger personalities.

I applaud you for looking to the best interest of your child and making a decision. I encourage you to be willing to reassess yearly--not to sway you or to encourage you to homeschool, just to make sure it is the best situation for your daughter at that time as circumstances and such can change. For my family growing up, we knew there would be no change and that in itself was comforting.

Mary said...

Lauren- you have a nice blog. I respect your right to choose public school, but I agree with others that you insulted many homeschoolers. I don't believe that was your intent though.

Candi- Homeschoolers don't live in a vacuum. In fact they know much about the real world that children inside 4 walls 6-7 hours a day don't know. Contrary to what you believe they do know deadlines and how to get somewhere on time. I find it silly that you think homeschoolers can't learn this important "skill" because they aren't in a school. My kids have dentist and doctor appointments. They attend camps and participate in team sports that require being on time. They have alarm clocks and they know how to use them.

As for conflict.....I had to LOL because you think they don't encounter conflict outside of a public school. Have you ever been to the park or seen kids at a day camp, Boy Scouts or team sport? Conflict happens all the time. What about playing with kids in the neighborhood? Nope, no conflict there. Sorry for the sarcasm, I just couldn't help myself. I won't address the rest of your post, but those two things were really funny. :)

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