Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 on Tuesday

  1. We are going to the beach.  I can't wait!
  2. I had lunch with Mandy and Maci today.  I love those girls (and Emma) so much.  I can't believe that Maci is almost five and Emma is going to be in fourth grade.  CRAZY!  I remember when Mandy and I met and Emma was like Rory's age.  Crazy!
  3. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my hubby?  No?  Well I do.  I don't think that I could have found anyone more perfect for me.  We truly are a great team!  I know very few men who would love being at home with a baby as much as he does.  
  4. I am almost 30...as in like just over 2 weeks.
  5. My house is a disaster...oh well!
  6. My Father in Law fixed our TV last night!  We have been watching a 19" TV for a week and it is SO nice to have our big kid TV back.
  7. We have been playing in the back yard a lot!  A whole lot!
  8. Sarah Grace and Victoria are going into the 10 grade...I think that I am going to be sick!  Where did my babies go?  It is so surreal to see them with MY baby...They are so funny.  It is so interesting to see and hear them going through high school and remember what it was like to be there...it don't feel like it was that long ago!
  9. I had a great conversation with Allison last week.  She and DJ are enjoying DC but boy do I miss her!  I miss our weekly lunch dates.  We always have the greatest conversation, even though we couldn't be more different on a lot of issues, but she is truly one of my dearest friends.  
  10. If I didn't mention it already..I'm ready for the beach!


Candi said...

I'm ready for the beach too...unfortunately I have to wait until my anniversary in July ugh...Well with your bday in two weeks that means mine is in 4...so long to our 20's lol. Um yeah when did the girls get so old...I still remember them as babies! I'm sure Kitty is wishing time would slow down :)

Brandy said...

hi - new follower from baby center! off to check out more of your blog.


Mandy said...

Loved having lunch with you too! Going to the beach huh? Bragger!!! Jason and I have been scouring places to stay for our anniversary on the 3rd of July, but now that the oil has officially hit the AL coast, our trip may take a detour. Not sure which way the detour will be though. Hope you are having a good time at the beach. Did I mention that you are a BRAGGER??!!!

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