Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day this year was a lot of fun. Originally, Kevin had arranged to take just Rory and I to lunch at Shula’s Mother’s Day lunch however, we quickly decided that we wanted to invite our Mom’s and then we invited Chris (Kev’s brother) and his family and Kev’s Grandmother too. Unfortunately, at the last minute, Kevin’s Dad couldn’t make it, but we had a good time anyway. We made the reservation for 11:00a so that Kevin would have enough time to eat and get home since he works on Sundays. Ordinarily I am not a fan of the buffet, but this is by far the best lunch buffet I have ever had. It was HUGE! It was set up in the lobby outside of the ball rooms at the Wynfrey Hotel (Where we had our reception) and there were 3 different areas plus a special kid’s buffet that was much lower to the ground with kid friendly food and desserts. Strangely, it was the most non-buffet buffet that I have ever been too. None of the typical buffet food was presented, substituted instead for gourmet creations. The food was fantastic, they had everything from waffles, cheese grits and eggs benedict to prime rib, stuffed tenderloin, crab legs and gourmet cheeses. It was wonderful and I think that Rory enjoyed everyone being there. She kept trying to give everyone a high five (or Pi-Pibe as she says it). It was wonderful to sit there with our families and enjoy our meal. Also, it was really neat since we ate in the grand ballroom which is where we had our wedding reception. It was cool to be sitting where, a bit over 4 years ago, we were dancing on a dance floor, and now here we sat with Rory. It really was pretty amazing. To top it all off, we found out the night before that Kevin could be off on that Sunday and it was lovely not having to watch the clock and rush home so that he could get to work. Instead, we spent the afternoon chilling at our house, taking a family nap and enjoying our little family of three. My Mother’s Day presents didn’t come in until yesterday although after such a wonderful day on Sunday, I really didn’t need anything else. I got three books: “How to Raise Girls” by Dr. James Dobson (from Rory), “I just want you to know” by Kate Gosselin (from Ruby and Nellie) and Laura Bush’s Biography (from Kevin). I haven’t started reading any of them yet, but I will probably crack one open today. All in all, it was a terrific Mother’s Day and I absolutely enjoyed having my whole family all together and eating good food. As I said last year, there were times when I didn’t know if I would ever get to celebrate being a Mom and now, here I am, it is wonderful how God works isn’t it?


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