Thursday, December 3, 2009

T Minus 9 Days

Most of you have already seen this, but I figured that I would post it here as well!  I can't believe that my little bitty baby is almost 1...I think that I am going to be sick!

Since we have PLENTY of toys for Miss Bee to play with, we are asking everyone to bring a book to donate to the local library in honor of Rory's Bday.  Each invitation included a little piece of paper with this  printed on it:

Come one and all to the party
Of our special birthday smartie

In lieu of gifts to clog the floor,
Heaven knows we don’t need more!

Bring a book or two or three
To donate to the library

In our sweet girl’s honor we will donate
All the books brought on her birthdate

Hope that you guys can make it!  It is going to be a Hoppin' good time!


Candi said...

We are looking forward to it :)
Lol and after asking you about what she needed the other day I found the slip of paper in the envelope..I didn't look good enough :) I have already picked out a couple of books..I think that is an awesome idea!

Lettie said...

Cute! The book donation is a great idea!

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