Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Time no post!

Sorry it has been so long.

  • We have been having formula issues and so there has been a lot of crying...on Rory's ours. We have it all straightened out now. After a prescription for Zantac and a switch in formula with the addition of a Tbsp of rice cereal...we are good to go....I think!
  • I will post some pics later, I haven't gotten them off of my camera.
  • Kevin hurt his knee at work so that has been fun. He went for an MRI today. We don't know the results yet.
  • Guess who slept 7 hours straight last night?? Yep! Miss Bee. So far this week she has slept 5 hours on Monday night, 5.5 hours on Tuesday night and 7 hours last night. Let's hope this lasts. It is HEAVENLY to have some good solid sleep.


Candi said...

Yay for the sleeping longer! Glad ya'll got the formula problem under control.
Sorry to hear about Kevin's knee. Wes had knee surgery a year before we got married and it was no fun! And he still has problems with it. Hope it gets better for him soon!

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