Friday, July 11, 2008

I haven't forgotten

I haven't forgotten about the blog. It has just been an eventful couple of weeks. I guess I will go day by day.

Friday, June 27

  • Ate a Cheeseburger Happy Meal from McDonalds for lunch and wound up with food poisioning by nightfall, lovely (see #4 in my last post)

Saturday, June 28

  • Still have food poisioning, running a fever, throwing up and feel like poo!
  • My doctor calls in some Finergan (don't know how to spell that...sorry)
  • Mom and Tim come to visit (and to go furniture shopping) and tell us that they got engaged. Awkward timing, but happy for them over all. I really like Tim and he is really good to my Mom, so that is great!

Sunday, June 29

  • Wake up at 1:30am in excrutiating pain in my back, sides and lower abdomen
  • Wind up at the Emergency Room
  • $250 copay...lovely
  • Diagnosed with a raging UTI, bladder and kidney infection - get a bag of IV fluids, perscription for Macrobid and a shot of Finergan, take 4 GIANT vials of blood and they send me on my way
  • Spend the rest of the day in pain in the hammock in the living room

Monday, June 30

  • 1 year anniversary of my Dad's death
  • Slept pretty well, Macrobid seems to be working
  • Kevin's Mom comes over and we run to Target and then to eat...I am feeling pretty good
  • We find the patio furniture that we want at Target and it is on MAJOR sale so we buy it (pics to come later!)
  • By the afternoon, I fell like I can't breathe, check the Macrobid side effects, it says to stop taking and call your doctor immediately
  • Call my doctor, they said to quit taking the Macrobid and they call in a Rx for Bactrim

Tuesday, July 1

  • Was up most of the night in pain and huddled over the toilet because I was hurting so bad it was making me sick.
  • Make an appt with a Dr. at my ObGyn's office, turns out I have not only a UTI, bladder and Kidney infection, but an infection around my cervix (TMI, I know) as well. They give me more medicine for that infection and Darvoset with instructions not to take it unless I HAVE to since it is a narcotic. They also suggest I try Tylenol PM or Benadryl to sleep.
  • Bee's HR is 162
  • Buy both Tylenol PM and Benadryl, neither of which will allow me to sleep.
  • Still hurting and can't keep food down since I hurt so bad that I puke when I eat.
  • Last time I had anything to eat was Monday at lunch, 1/4 of a burger and a few french fries which was the first thing that I had to eat since Friday at McDonalds

Wednesday, July 2

  • Got tired of hurting last night, took Darvoset, woke up once or twice, but could at least sleep some, thank goodness
  • Feel pretty good in the AM, just took some tylenol
  • 1pm rolls around, excruciating pain...again.
  • Call my Dr.
  • Nurses say "Look, if you don't like what we are doing for you, go to the ER"
  • Go to the ER, again, they say that the "UTI and infections are cleared up, don't know why you are still hurting, take Darvoset and call your Dr. in the AM."
  • The Doctor also says that I probably have a kidney stone, but they can't run the dye to see since it is radioactive and they can't do anything about it except treat the pain, so "Good Luck"
  • ER takes 4 more GIANT vials of blood, gives me a shot for pain and sends me home
  • Side story: The nurse in the ER is a dipstick! The Dr. tells her to check the baby's HB with the doppler. She comes in and puts the doppler next to my ribcage....ummm, lady it is not that high! This is after she says "it must be weird to have a baby growing inside you." Um, I don't know what to say...sure? yep? are you crazy? I just grin and nod! Anyway, after 15 minutes of her digging the doppler into my abdominal cavity all the while - me telling her where to listen for the baby, I am about to come off the freaking table. She is convinced 4-5 times that she hears the baby's HB, all the while, it is mine, obviously as it is about 1/3 the speed of the baby's. At one point she says, (while she again has the doppler close to my ribcage "that baby just floats around inside you---you never know where you will find it!" Uhh, it is not like an anatomy museum in there where the baby can tour the is contained! Ughhh, how did you get through nursing school?
  • Doctor finds Bee's HB right away, sounds great!
  • Another $250 copay...super lovely!

Thursday, July 3

  • Took a Darvoset to sleep, wake up and feel OK besides being sore from where Nurse Hatchet tried to touch the doppler to my spine.
  • Went to my Doctor that afternoon, she is out for the day, see one of her office mates, she orders a renal ultrasound to look at my kidneys.
  • During the ultrasound we glimpse the Bee, they charge us $250 and we are on our way.
  • Side note, had the Dr. from the ER ordered the ultrasound last night, it would have been $10, since my Dr. ordered it, it counts as outpatient, that is another $250....I was slightly hostile.
  • Bee's heartbeat 164
  • Feel fine the rest of the day.
  • Ate Cracker Barrell on the way home, first meal since last Friday. I did manage to at least keep a serving of fruit down each previous day-for the most part. Needless to say, I was starved!

Friday, July 4

  • Feel fine, little tired but otherwise fine
  • Went to Kev's parents and had 4th of July with his family.
  • Missed a total of 4 days of work, much for trying to save time so that I can get paid for at least some of my maternity leave!

Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6

  • Went to a party on was fun, Happy Birthday Mandy Mac!
  • Hung out at the house on Sunday, finally felt like a human being again.

Monday, July 7

  • Came back to work, holy cow was I slammed. I had 25 voicemails and God knows how many emails!
  • Thus began my life as "back to normal" or at least more normal than it was last week!

I had my 16 week check up yesterday and Bee's HB was normal and they scheduled the "Big Ultrasound" for July 31st. YAY! I am about to DIE of anticipation!

That is it...I think! I am going to Decatur this weekend to house and puppy sit for Mom since she is in Atlanta.

Mom and Tim are getting married on August 16th. I should still make the cocktail party of the reunion....hopefully!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You did have a very rough week. I was very proud of you, you were very brave throughout the whole ordeal.



Candi said...

Oh wow Lauren! I hope for your sake and the bee's that you have calming weeks for a while! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think I would have been like "Are you for real?" to Nurse Hatchett. I mean come on...who says it must be weird to have a baby growing inside you? You gotta wonder.
Yay for the big ultrasound!! I can't believe that you are that far along already! Before you know it the bee will be here.
Congrats to your mom and Tim.
Here's hoping that you have some relaxing days :)

Lettie said...

Glad you're feeling better, Lauren! That was one crazy week.
I was laughing so hard at all your comments about your nurse. "it's not an anatomy museum in there!"
Congrats on the pregnancy!

Monica said...

Wow, no lack of drama for you the past few days. That sucks that you had to get poked & prodded so much, but I hope you are feeling better. Do you have any maternal inklings as to Bee's gender?

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