Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picture Catch Up

I haven't posted any pictures recently so here is a Cliff Notes version of May, June and part of July. Bishop Black came to the Buck Creek festival again this year! Kevin, Eric, Mandy Mac and I all went and saw them. It was really a lot of fun! It is in the amphitheatre in Old Town Helena, everyone brings a blanket and/or folding chair and sit out and enjoy the music. The whole day is really a lot of fun. They have a rubber duck race for the kiddos in the Buck Creek earlier in the day. It is super fun!Next is a picture of my birthday cake this year. Kevin picked it out all by himself. I think he did a GREAT job! I haven't had a cookie cake in who knows how long. It was delicious! Next, a picture of the pups lounging outside in the grass....TOGETHER! Shhh, don't tell anyone, Ruby doesn't want anyone to think that she likes Nellie. Actually, Ruby doesn't want anyone to know that she like ANYONE! Cute anyway! This is a picture of our new patio furniture. Excuse the messy patio.

  • There we are pretty much all caught up. Ciao!


Moore Power 2 You said...

LOVE the patio furniture!!!!!
REALLY REALLY love the patio furniture!

Candi said...

Man that cookie cake looks good. That is my weakness lol. Love the patio furniture!

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