Friday, June 27, 2008

5 on Friday

I have been severely neglecting my Blog. I apologize! It has been a hard month with Father's Day, the anniversary of Nonie's death on the 21st and the upcoming anniversary (6/30) of my Dad's death. Please hold with me and don't get too discouraged. Here is a 5 on Friday just for good measure!

  1. My Mom and Tim are coming in this weekend. We are going to pick up mine and Kevin's new chest of drawers and dresser so that we can begin refinishing my baby furniture (which is what Kevin and I were using until we found bedroom furniture that we like) for the Bee. Our new Loveseat should be in any day now, so things are beginning to come together!
  2. Davis' (our nephew) 6th birthday party is this Saturday as well. He is a Yankee Doodle baby, well I guess now he is a Yankee Doodle BOY, not a baby...sorry Davis, my mistake!
  3. I have developed an aversion to poultry. Seriously, I can't even smell chicken without gagging. It is really strange. I guess I should be happy, besides constant potty breaks, I have not had any other pregnancy related issues.
  4. My lunch didn't sit well, I am feeling kinda puney. I really just want to take a nap.
  5. Since we have been short a piece of furniture in the living room after getting rid of the blue couch, I set up the portable hammock in our living room. I have to say, it is an eyesore, but it is great to pile up in the hammock with my pillow and down blanket (and the dogs) and watch some TV. I am going to miss it when we have to go back to having a grown up living room. Nellie will miss it too I think. She waits for someone, ANYONE to get in the hammock so that she can too. Silly girl...but SO cute!

TGIF! Ciao!


Candi said...

It's understandable about your distractions of the month. Hope you have fun with your mom and her friend this weekend. Can't wait to see pics of the new furniture! Nellie probably waits till someone gets in because I betcha when ya'll haven't been home she tried to get in and it probably flipped her out! Dogs are smart...she probably figured out that when someone else is in there she doesn't get flipped out! :) Cute!!

Colleen said...

Thinking of you today, girlie.

I hated chicken too while I was pregnant! I could eat fried chicken just fine but something about grilled chicken and grilled fish. Bleh. Why couldn't I have an aversion to chocolate milkshakes?

Moore Power 2 You said...

Hey - You do have those two columns in your living room. Looks like anchors for a hammock to me! That way it blends in! :)

Hope you are feeling better! I promise to have lunch with you soon! I'm just busy being Mom Taxi.
Love you!

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