Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post of the Year

(I apologize in advance, for the formatting, Blogger is giving me fits and unless I use bullet points, it doesn't recognize paragraph breaks)

  • Well, here we are, the last day of 2007. I must admit, that I am not really sorry that 2007 is over with. I know that might come as a shock to all of you (sense the sarcasm here!). I am glad that 2007 can now be put behind us and that 2008 will serve as our year of rebuilding.

In 2007 we learned a lot of lessons:

  • Never take tomorrow for granted.
  • Thank God for every Day, Hour, Minute and Second that you have on this planet, even the not so great days
  • "Be the Change you want to see in the world." Don't sit around and wait for things to get better, get up and do it, you may not be around to see the outcome if you don't.
  • Drink in the times in your life, breathe them in and make it all a part of your soul
  • Live life at 1000%, live life at full tilt
  • No more, "One day I want to ...." If you want to do something, figure out how to get it done
  • There is no guarantee of tomorrow
  • Don't go to bed, or hang up the phone, mad or without saying "I love you"
  • Cherish the little things, what I wouldn't give to get a note from my Dad addressed to "Fritz"
  • Take a moment to stop, when the world is going a thousand miles a minute around you and thank God for such a full, busy, crazy life. What a blessing a day is!
  • Stand tall on your knees, there is no problem that you have that is bigger than God, he can handle it, heap it on!

2007 will always be "The year that fill in sad event".

  • Conversely, I am determined that 2008 will be "The year that fill in great thing". We have so very much to be thankful for and I am so grateful that I had such a great holiday season with the people that I love. I am going to try to make 2008, the whole year, like the Holiday Season of 2007, full of laughter, love and the company of the people that mean the most to me.
  • I feel like God has really been preparing my heart for some great things. I know that everything happens for a reason and I am ready to discover the reason that we were presented with so many lessons.
  • I am ready to take on 2008 and everything that it has to offer. Bring it on, I am ready for the blessings!

When I am really feeling low and at the end of my rope, and I feel I can't take it anymore, I usually close my eyes and in my head, have a little talk with God. Sometimes I talk to my Dad too. I usually end my day each day in this way, and just pray myself to sleep. That being said, it only seems fitting that I close out 2007 on my blog in the same way.

  • Dear God, Thank you for the trials of the past 365 days. I am thankful for the reminders to keep my face turned to you. I pray that you will bless the people in my life. I pray that you will hold them in the palm of your hand and that they may pass through each day surrounded by your grace. I pray that others may see glimpses of you in each of us each day. I pray that I will be a living example of your mercy and your grace. Please help people to see that I did not get through the past year by myself, but that you carried me, and my family, through. God, your grace is sufficient, and help me not to forget it. Help me to pass your Light and Love onto others that I come across. Help me to always be a witness to others for you. Thank you for the moments of desperation and hopelessness, for in those moments, I had to surrender control to you and let you work through me. Thank you for shielding me from harm and providing for all of my needs. Lord thank you for feeding my sometimes emaciated spirit and for keeping me safe from harm. Lord in 2008 help me to continue to see your blessings and let 2008 bring us our deepest hearts desires. I know that you place the desires in my heart and I pray that you will bring those desires to fruition.
  • Lord, please hold me close to you and let me breathe in the hope that I find there. Lord let me be a pillar of Your strength and a vessel of Your word. Amen



ROZ said...

Amen. Lauren, beautiful post.
Happy 2008 to you and your family.

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