Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Party and A Sewing Project

Well, we wrapped up our Christmas Party attendance Blitz last night with a Party at our house. I remembered my camera about half way through the party, but I did get a few pictures. Enjoy!This is the food table. We know what is important! Kevin and I also made Chili, but it was on the stove and I didn't take a picture of it! ;) This is the "Beverage Table" it usually resides in our breakfast room, but we brought it in to the living area so that the Hot Cocoa and Hot Apple Cider were handy! These are just random group shots. This is Mandy and Jon. Mandy, Kevin and Daniel (2 pictures above in the blue shirt) all went to Police Academy together. Now, on to the Sewing Project I mentioned earlier. I decided today to make Kevin and I new stockings and then I decided that Ruby and Nellie needed stockings too! So, here they are. I am going to get names put on mine and Kevin's stockings. I will post pics of them if I ever get around to it. Ruby and Nellie's has a fluffy dog bone on it. It starts off as a flat lime green piece of fabric and ends up all fluffy. It was super easy to make, email me for details Any way, have a good week! Hope you have all your Christmas shopping done! Ciao! PS: My friend Mandy (not the one in the pics above) has set up a blog, skip on over and drop her some love!Moorepower2you


Mandy said...

Your stockings turned out very cute! You know I am a sucker for that paisley green fabric! You should do a tree skirt too!
Love the doggy ones too. Will they be on the naughty or nice list???????
Your party looked and sounded like fun! So sorry I missed it..REALLY I AM!

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