Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just call me a follower.

OK, everyone else has done it, I will too! I would love to learn 20 things about you that I may or may not already know. You can post it in your blog or in my comments. If you post it in your blog then let me know you have done it. Thanks Colleen for starting this!

  1. I love dragonflies. It is a carry over from when the Twins were little and I would sing them a song about dragonflies. It is our family’s little secret symbol for “I love you”
  2. Kevin proposed to me at the dance studio where I grew up dancing.
  3. I bought my first house at 22.
  4. I am obsessed with “Jon and Kate Plus 8” on TLC.
  5. I get “Thursday Flowers” every week (although not always on Thursdays, usually not flowers) from my hubby. He started this when we first started dating and I am rotten! Each week I get a little something, sometimes he cooks dinner, sometimes a new book, just little stuff…because he loves me.
  6. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 16 and attended band camp 1 week later.
  7. In 2004 I broke one of my toes the night before the dance recital that I was a guest performer for. The next day I went to the ER and got it shot up with Novocaine and kept it submerged in a bucket of ice until just before the performance so that I could make it through.
  8. People are amused when they ask my name and I say “Lauren as in Lauren Bacall Humphrey as in Humphrey Bogart.” (Get it, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart…a famous Hollywood Pair)
  9. I have a dual degree in Marketing and Management and was 2 classes away from a Computer Science minor.
  10. I was on the dance team in college.
  11. I only applied to 1 college…good thing I got in!
  12. When Kevin and I have kids, I want all girls.
  13. My long range plan is to eventually get my PhD and teach at a college level.
  14. I will graduate with my MBA in August of 2008.
  15. Our (Kevin & I) lucky number is 3. Every important date in our lives together comes down to a multiple of 3 and can be worked out to 6. Wedding Date: 03/25/06, 3+2-5+6=6, Engagement Date: 03/19/05, 3+1+9+5=18/3=6, Kevin’s Birthday: 02/06/80, -2+6+8=12/2=6, Lauren’s Birthday: 06/08/80, 6-8+8=6. WEIRD!!!!! (there are more, I just gave the first 4 I thought of)
  16. Like Monica, I always said I would never settle for less than 1ct in an engagement ring, and I didn’t…I got 2.5
  17. I love the Red Sox and went to my first game when I was 3 months old.
  18. I was born on the day that Mt. St. Helens erupted…My Dad said it was a sign.
  19. I love to cook and will use pretty much any excuse to do it.
  20. My wedding dress was a replica of a dress that Grace Kelley once wore.

Wow, 20 is A LOT! Enjoy!


Colleen said...

Yay! I might need to tell John about Thursday Flowers. What a great tradition!

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