Monday, April 11, 2011

March - picture catch up

 OK. So, still a bad blogger.  Consider this the catch up post.  My Uncle Hobie and Uncle Freddie came up to visit about a month ago.  They had never met Rory and I had not seen Uncle Hobie since the summer I was pregnant with Rory and hadn't seen Uncle Freddie since my Dad's funeral.  I REALLY enjoyed seeing them and I was very glad that Rory got to meet them!

I was waiting to post pics until I could figure out Lightroom, but I haven't had a chance to play with it, so these are all SOOC.  I made Rory 2 of these little tops.  They are reversible so she gets a lot of wear out of them.  They are cute with most anything, including her cowgirl boots, which you will see, from the next few pics, were her shoe of choice for a while!  

 Sidewalk chalk and a toddler...stereotypical springtime activity. 

Pink tricycle, pink cowgirl boots and princess helmet...she is ready to go.  We are still working on how to actually pedal...but we are getting there!
 It is hard to believe that she is actually big enough to ride this tricycle.  She got it for her 1st birthday and couldn't even come close to getting her feet on the pedals. 
 She told me she was "watchin for Boos-eye and Woody. 
 See that little thing in her hand.  You and I might call it a tire pressure gauge.  If you ask Rory what it is, she will point it at your face, close one eye, squint and tell you to "say Cheese-burga."  Apparently, having a Policeman for a Dad has made her an aficionado of spy cams and stealthy electronics,
 You have heard of the naked chef?  Well introducing the naked, turtle tambourine playing chef. 
 I mentioned that I was working on a bubble suit for her and would take a picture when I got done.  These are HORRIBLE. I was in a hurry and didn't look at the pics until like a week later.  I didn't realize that the camera was focusing on the cabinets behind her until I actually uploaded them.  Oh well, you get the point,  It is cute and bright and spring-like and it looks SUPER cute on her.

 After church 2 weeks ago.  She was such a good girl during church, by the time that we got home, she was pretty tired of obeying and was not the slightest bit interested in taking pics.  This is the best that I could get.
 Telling Nellie, who was peeking out the window, to go lay down and behave. 

 She is such a goofball.
 Back in Decatur the next weekend.  She and Sarah Grace played the piano.  She LOVES the piano, and will beg anyone to play for her.  Sarah loves to play and is phenomenal, so it works out well. 

 She fell asleep like this on Kevin, I thought it was cute, so I took a picture.
 Another one of my smocking projects, made for a friend of ours little girl.
 1 toddler + 1 box of packing peanuts - 1 Mommy who was starting dinner = big mess.  She doesn't look the slightest bit remorseful does she?  Good thing that she is cute!  After all, she had a good time playing and it was an easy (albeit time consuming) clean up.  No lasting damage!
 I was refinishing and repainting a table for the living room (another post) and to keep Rory busy I gave her an empty Tang container filled with water, cheapo paint brush and let her loose in the back yard to "paint the fence."  It occupied her time for a good 45 minutes, possibly longer,  She thought it was the greatest thing ever. 
 When she wasn't painting the fence, she was chasing Nellie.  Both of them were in hog heaven. 
 Classic Rory look.
OK, so you are caught up on the month of March except for mine and Kev's anniversary, but I will cover those on another day.

Whew!  See ya later.


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