Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conversations with Rory

At the dinner table

Me: Rory, please don't hold your fork above your head, you are going to drop your food in your hair.
Rory: (Does it anyway)
Me: Rory, last warning, do not put your food in the air like that.  I will take the fork away if you continue to do this.
Rory: Mommy...I not can help it...sometime Rory isa fwazy (crazy) baby

Kevin:  (Calling to Rory in the other room) Rory, come here please
K: Rory, what are you doing?  Come here please
K: (louder this time) Rory!
Rory sticks her head out her door
R: Justa second Daddy...I almost done...gimme 3 minutes

Last night, Rory was sticking her hands in my water glass...after being told not to do it for about the 3rd time and being redirected to something else only to come back and do it again.
M: Rory, do not put your hands in my water glass.  That is gross, if you do it again, I am going to spank your hand.
R: Yes...I will (puts her hand in the water glass again)
(I spank her hand)
R:  Mommy, you not tell me no...I forgive you.
M: I appreciate your generosity...but I didn't do anything wrong, you are the one that put your hand in the glass after I told you not to.
R: I fink I need to stand in the corner
M: OK...go ahead.

Rory comes in the living room, dragging a trash bag of clothes that I have set asside to donate to Hannah Home.  We have discussed this bag of clothing at length since she helped me clean out her drawers and we discussed how she was too big for the clothes and were are going to donate them to Hannah Home.
M: Rory, what are you doing?
R: We gonna give these clothes for the donuts
Apparently 'donate' and 'donut' were too close in similarity.

In the car, after Gymboree a few weeks ago
M: Rory, you look tired, did you have fun at Gymboree?
R: Yes..I did...I am az-zosted, I need a nap

There are more, I just can't think of them right now.  Happy Tuesday!


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