Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning Survey

I found this in an email in my archived folder at work...I thought it would be fun to post and pass around.  Some of the questions were kinda random...but it is funny none the less.  Let me know if you do it on your blog so that I can read your nerosis as well!

  1. Shower Curtain - When not in use- open, or closed? CLOSED!!!!
  2. Toilet paper – flap on top, or bottom? Flap on top-roll needs to turn counterclockwise
  3. Sweeping – everyday, once or twice a week, once in a blue moon or don’t own a broom? I’d say once or twice a week.
  4. Vacuum - , once or twice a week, once in a blue moon or only when company comes? We vacuum at least once a week, we should do it more, but Rory is TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner, so we have to do it when she isn’t there, or is outside and distracted.
  5. Least favorite chore: UNLOADING THE DISHWASHER
  6. Household chore you don’t mind doing: Ironing or polishing silver (I LOVE to polish silver...weird I know!)
  7. How often do you change the air filter in your house? 1-2 times per month.
  8. Dishwasher: Load as you go or do it all at once? I like to load as I go, but as much as I hate unloading…sometimes it is all at once because I haven’t unloaded it yet.
  9. Silverware in the dishwasher – each type all together or mixed up and sorted when it is put away? I try to put each type together, but it isn’t a big deal if it isn’t.
  10. Ironing – starch or no starch? STARCH STARCH STARCH! I even starch and press my jeans…although Kevin hates his jeans pressed, so it is just mine.
  11. Medicine cabinet – neatly organized or mass confusion? I try to keep it neatly organized, even to the point that all medicines are labeled with the label maker with the proper dosage for the intended user and blister pack pills are in clear (empty baby food) plastic containers with a label on the front , so that I can easily tell what is in it and how much is left. Kevin on the other hand…doesn’t mind mass confusion.
  12. Fitted sheets – folded neatly in proportion to the flat sheet, folded good enough or not folded at all? I’d say folded neatly in proportion to the flat sheet. I can’t stand wrinkled sheets (hence why I starch and iron flat sheets and pillowcases) so all our sheets are folded neat and tidy.
  13. Sheets – how often do you change them? Once a week…every week.
  14. Towels – do you reuse towels? Yep, I will use one 2-3 times before washing it, as long as it is folded and hung up in between uses. I always got a clean one growing up (sorry Mom) but once I got to college and had to do my own laundry...I started using them a few times before washing.
  15. Underwear and socks – folded and paired or just shoved in a drawer? Folded and paired. Kevin says that he never had folded underwear until he met me…I didn’t know that there was an alternative.
  16. Ceiling fan – on or off when you are sleeping? ON – I like my bedroom to be chilly when I am sleeping. Mostly because I like the weight of the down comforter on me and they keep you pretty toasty. Kevin could do without the fan.
  17. Curtains – Open all the time, closed all the time or open during the day/closed at night? I like them open during daylight, closed at night, Kevin likes them closed all the time.
  18. Oven Light – on while cooking or only turned on to look and then turned back off? On if there is something in the oven (this was a weird question – never really thought about it)
  19. Glasses – Organized by type or haphazardly placed in the cabinet? Organized by type and alternating up and down so that use the space efficiently.
  20. Label Maker – Do you own one and if so, do you use it? Yep..I have 2 actually. I use them A LOT!
Happy Wednesday everyone!


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